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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 30 (Saturday 12 May 2007)
And then there were Five (again)
After the Eviction

It's Day 30 in the Sim Brother house. The housemates have just said goodbye to Snoop, who had become the 4th evictee. Trisha came to the Diary Room and after chatting with Sim Brother about how she felt to have escaped eviction for the third time running, she fell asleep.

1.19am - Johnny is asleep in the bedroom. Hilary is asleep on the couch in the lounge. Harry is making himself pancakes and Reese is preparing herself some fresh tomato juice.

Reese - I'm not being nosey here but is it always this strange on an eviction night?
Harry - Yes. It always reminds you that next week, it could be you. It all depends how it is worked out, but there is always that chance of facing the public vote.
Reese - How many times have you been up for eviction?
Harry - Twice. First and second weeks running.
Reese - You must have been wetting yourself.
Harry - You could say that, yes.

How Johnny sees it

10.38am - Most of the housemates are asleep. Trisha is awake and preparing dinner for the house of blackened catfish. Harry is cleaning the bath. Johnny has been called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Good morning, Johnny.
Johnny - Hi, Sim Brother.
SB - How are you today?
Johnny - Feeling good, but it is sad to see another housemate leave but that is the nature of the game.
SB - How do you feel Snoop's departure will affect the house?
Johnny - I hate to say it but perhaps in a good way. Snoop had managed to upset both Trisha and Hilary and the negative vibes from this affected the house. He did start to see the error of his ways but his departure might make things a bit easier in the house.
SB - What do you feel about Harry & Hilary's engagement?

Johnny - I'm really pleased for them. I think they make a lovely couple. Also, if the Royal Family really wants to enter the 21st century, a Prince marrying a film star is a good idea. As long as they are both happy. After all, it worked for the Royal Family of Monaco when Prince Rainier married Grace Kelly.
SB - Do you feel that Reese has settled in?
Johnny - Definitely. She did really well in the case on Thursday. We could not have won without her. Also, she's starting to get to know the rest of us although she does have moments when she wishes to be alone.
SB - With the show now heading towards its finale, how do you rate your chances to win?
Johnny - It would be really good if I could. The first Simerican winner of the show, although with three Simericans still being in the house at this stage, there is a good chance a Simerican will win it this time.
SB - And what about the morale in the house?
Johnny - Really good at the moment. Why? Have you got plans to mess it all up again?
SB - Sim brother will get back to you. Thankyou, Johnny. The door is open.

Playing & Proclaiming

3.22pm - Johnny and Reese have been getting to know each other over a game of kickybag. Harry goes over to talk to Hilary.

Harry - I might not be the most eloquent of the Royals and last night, I may have been under the influence. What I'm trying to say is that now I'm sober and I meant what I said. The proposal still stands if you want it.
Hilary - More than anything, Harry. I still accept and thankyou. I know I'll make you proud.

All in the Stars

10.22pm - Harry and Hilary are playing pool. Reese is sat outside on the bridge gazing at the stars. Johnny and Trisha are in the kitchen. Trisha is telling Johnny about the royal proposal.

Johnny - I say good luck to them.
Trisha - I do as well. I just hope the glare of the paparazzi's flashbulbs and the venomous tongues of the gossip columnists do not force this to a sudden end before it has chance to grow and mature.
Johnny - I agree. I guess how it will map out is all in the stars.

Tomorrow, Will calls on the house with a special proposal for one randomly selected housemate. Will he or she be lucky or will they make a bad choice? Tune in tomorrow to find out.


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