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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 31 (Sunday 13 May 2007)
Deal, or No Deal
Can this be for real?

It's Day 31 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, Harry confirmed to Hilary that his proposal of marriage was genuine. Hilary promised she would try her best and not to let him down. However, some of the other housemates had their concerns whether the paparazzi and gossip columnists would give their relationship a chance.

11.18am - Johnny is in the garden composting the vegetable plots in preparation for the coming planting season. The other housemates are in the lounge. Hilary comes to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Hilary. How are you today?
Hilary - I feel very happy but I feel very worried.
SB - What are you worried about, Hilary?
Hilary - I'm honoured and flattered that Harry should propose to me and I really love the guy, but c'mon. The 2nd-in-line to the throne marrying "Lizzie McGuire"? That doesn't happen, not even in the corniest of Disney movies.
SB - Are you concerned that the public might not take this relationship seriously?
Hilary - The press and media will have a field day. Harry is one really great guy and I'll stand by him but I don't think we will have a future out of here. Just the thought of "Meet the Windsors" terrifies me.
SB - Hilary, the Sim Brother house is not the real world but it is where you are, isolated from what the media are saying about you. Enjoy your time here. Enjoy every day with him in here and if it does come to an end in that outside world, do not cry because it is over but smile because it happened.
Hilary - Thankyou, Sim Brother.
SB - Have a good day, Hilary. The door is open.

We interrupt this blank screen ...

3.07pm - The housemates are sat in the lounge as instructed by Sim Brother. Suddenly, a familiar face appears upon the plasma screen.

Will Wright - Hello, housemates. This is Will Wright.
All - Hello, Will.
Reese (to others) - This can't be another eviction, can it?
Trisha - I wouldn't put anything past Sim Brother at this stage.
Johnny - It is a first for a TV appearance, though.
WW - Housemates, I'm over in your shed which is currently a studio for a one-off edition of a popular Simlish gameshow. Unfortunately, we couldn't get Noel Edmonds at such short notice, so you're left with me. After this show is over, one of you is going to be extremely fortunate, somewhat fortunate, not really any different, somewhat unfortunate or extremely unfortunate. Come on over to the shed and all will be explained.

Deal, or No Deal

Will Wright - Five housemates, five sealed boxes, just one question. Deal, or No Deal.

In each box is a prize or punishment, depending upon how you see it or what you get. One of you will be chosing whether to take what is in his or her box or take a deal from Sim Brother.

The Grand Randomiser has been primed. The housemate who will be playing "Deal, or No Deal" is ...


Harry - I'm actually not that bothered with this, you know. Wouldn't someone else rather have a go?
Will - Harry, on the display beside you is a list of what is in these boxes.

  • If Public Vote is your final choice of box to be opened, you will be facing the public vote automatically this coming week.
  • If No Vote is your final choice of box to be opened, you will not be able to vote in the coming round of nominations.
  • If the Eye is is your final choice of box to be opened, this is a special mystery prize from Sim Brother.
  • If Immunity is is your final choice of box to be opened, you are immune from facing the public vote this coming week.
  • If The Nominator is is your final choice of box to be opened, you will choose who will be facing the public vote this coming week.
    Is this clear?
    Harry - Bring it on!

    Will - Round 1 - Select a housemate to open their box.
    Harry - I choose Hilary.
    Hilary - I hope I can get rid of a stinker for you, Hal.
    SB - Hilary, you have revealed Sim Brother's special prize. Well, you won't find out what it is now then.
    Harry - You can't miss what you never had.

    The telephone rings.

    Will - This will be Sim Brother with its first deal ... hello? ... no, I haven't done today's Sudoku in the Simderland Echo ... ok, I'll let him know that .. Harry, Sim Brother's first deal is to swap what is in your box for what was in Hilary's box.
    Harry - Just ask me the question, Will.
    Will - Deal, or No Deal?
    Harry - No Deal.

    Will - Round 2 - Select one of the remaining housemates to open their box.
    Harry - I'll let our new girl show me what she's got. Reese.
    Reese - Why thankyou, kind sir. I hope it's one of the nasty ones for you.
    Will - Reese, you have revealed "Immunity".
    Harry - Fiddlesticks.
    Reese - I'm sorry, Harry. I'd hoped it was one of the blue ones.

    The telephone rings.

    SB - Hello? .... What? I don't think he'll like that ... Harry, because one of the Power Two has now gone, Sim Brother's second deal is to swap what is in your box for a pizza.
    Harry - Very biblical. However, I am not going to be like Esau and have no intention of giving up just for a Calzone. Ask me the question, Will.
    Will - Deal, or No Deal?
    Harry - No Deal.

    Will - Round 3 - Select one of the remaining housemates to open their box.
    Harry - I'm always partial to the ladies. Trisha.
    Trisha - Fingers crossed for you, Harry.
    Will - Trisha, you have revealed "No Vote". That's one of the Evil Two ones knocked out. This somewhat balances the odds. The Nominator and Public Vote remain.
    Harry - Reasonable odds. Thanks, Trisha.
    Trisha - Glad I could help.

    The telephone rings.

    Will - Hello? ... You're kidding me ... Are you eating that pizza from your last offer? You sound as though you're talking with your mouth full ... Save me a few slices, then ... Harry ... You thought the last one was bad ... Sim Brother's final deal is to allow you to walk away with nothing.
    Harry - Will, I have absolutely no intention of doing that. Otherwise, it will make the whole of this show absolutely pointless. Ask me the question, please, Will.
    Will - Deal, or No Deal?
    Harry - No Deal.

    Will - Round 4 - The Final Box. Harry, the box that is opened the next determines what your reward will be. You can choose for it to be your box or you can choose for it to be Johnny's box.
    Harry - It will be my box that I will open to decide what my reward or punishment will be.
    Will - Good luck, Harry. The content of your box is ...

    Public Vote

  • And finally ...

    Will - It could have gone either way, but very bad luck, Will. Housemates, tomorrow you will be making your weekly nominations but as with most things here, there is a twist. Also, you will be presented with a new task. I will be back on Friday to find out which housemate the public has decided to bring back to reality.

    Credit Where Credit Is Due

    The red boxes came again from Sim Wardrobe where they serve a different purpose. The photoframes, which I also use for the photo wall of housemates and has saved me a lot of work come from Aussie Topenders. I recommend viewers to visit both of these sites, when done here of course.


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