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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 32 (Monday 14 May 2007)
Preparing to Face the Public
Who faces the public? They decide.

It's Day 32 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, during the special household edition of "Deal, or No Deal", Harry was unfortunate enough to open his box to reveal that he was automatically facing the public vote. Perhaps he should have accepted one of Sim Brother's deals. Today, the housemates make their fifth nominations.

10.35pm - The housemates have been instructed to gathered in the lounge. Reese is trying to make conversation.

Reese - I wonder if Will is going to make an appearance today.
Trisha - Yesterday was a first. To be honest, it was quite a surprise seeing him.

Sim Brother (C) - Will Harry please come to the Diary Room?

Harry - Hello, Sim Brother.
SB - Harry, this week, all of the other housemates will be facing the public vote except the two with the most nominations to save. Due to your unlucky performance, you will automatically be facing the public vote. Please select one housemate that you wish to save.
Harry - This is very hard. That would have to be Hilary. Johnny is my best friend in here but Hilary is my fiancée. It has to be Hilary.

Hilary is the next one to come to the Diary Room.

SB - Hilary, this week, Harry is automatically facing the public vote. All of the other housemates will be facing the public vote except the two with the most nominations to save. Please select one housemate that you wish to save.
Hilary - As I can't select Harry, that will have to be Johnny. We've been close almost since I got here. He's now like a big brother to me. I would really like to see him stay on until the end.

Johnny is the next one to come to the Diary Room. Sim Brother tells him exactly what he told Hilary.

Johnny - My vote to save will be for Trisha. It is a difficult decision as I am very fond of Hilary in a "kid sister" kind of way. However, Trisha has faced the public three times in the last four weeks. I think she deserves a break. So, I'm voting to save her this week.

Reese comes to make her first nominations. Again, Sim Brother explains what to do.

Reese - This is different to what I was expecting. Well, I guess it will be Trisha. She's really sweet and made me most feel at home. Ok, I know Snoop was the one who rushed to me when I arrived and almost blocked everyone else in getting a chance to know me on my Day 1. Anyway, he's not here now, which is a shame. Trisha is still here and although everyone is really nice here, Trisha has that extra 1%.

Trisha is the last one to come to the diary room. Sim Brother explains for the last time what has to be done.

Trisha - This is easier than asking me who I think deserves to go. He's been consistent and been positive throughout the series so far. Johnny deserves to stay.

Sim Brother addresses the house.

Sim Brother (C) - In alphabetical order, the housemates facing the public vote this week are

Harry, Hilary & Reese

Opening the Doors

2.35pm - The housemates are assembled in the boardroom.

Sim Brother (C) - The Sim Brother Corporation has been very impressed with the quality of work that the housemates have been produced and how they have presented themselves. Now Sim Brother is going to give the housemates an opportunity so that they can find out for themselves how appreciated they can be. You are going to get a taste of freedom. Housemates, your task for this week is to run a bakery and café. You will make the food that you are selling, keep your shelves stocked, serve your customers and see your business progress and make a profit over the next three days.
Hilary - Did he say customers?
SB - This café is being opened to the public. Housemates are reminded that they are not allowed to talk to any customers about how they are being presented on the outside. This is grounds for disciplinary action. There may even be some familiar faces who drop in to sample the goods. You are not allowed to go out of the entrance, nor are the customers allowed inside the house.

Trisha - So how is this going to be done, Sim Brother?
SB - You assign a project manager democratically. That housemate then decides how you are going to help with this task.
Reese - Hey, Johnny, didn't you run a chocolate factory in one of your movies?
Johnny - Yes, but that was a long time ago.
Hilary - Great idea, Reese! Let Johnny be our leader for this one.
Trisha - I agree!
Harry - Brilliant. It's time Johnny had a go.
Johnny - Ok, ok. I'll be the leader.
SB - When in the café, all staff members must be in uniform. Also, the café must make a profit. The café will open its doors tomorrow. This can be at midnight, it can be later. If the house fails any element of this task, housemates will be on a diet of institution mush next week.
Johnny - I'm going to regret this. They never make it nice and easy, do they.

Ready to Open

10.18pm - Since Johnny took over as the café owner, he worked out who was to work in what categories. He assigned Harry and Hilary as cooks and got them down to work. Reese and Trisha have been assigned to serve customers, whether they are in the café or the bakery. Johnny set himself aside to do whatever else was necessary and was working on a special plan of his own. He comes to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - Good evening, Johnny.
Johnny - Hello, Sim Brother. I think we are almost ready to go.
SB - That is good to hear. What time do you wish to open?
Johnny - As a specific profit was not specified, I have chosen to open those doors at 8am. That way, as I see it, we get the highest amount of traffic and I can utilise the workforce in the best way possible.
SB - Thankyou, Johnny. And what time do you wish to close?
Johnny - When we're tired. I'll get back to you on that one.
SB - As you wish. Good luck.
Johnny - Thankyou. I think I'll need it.

The polls are now open. Use your votes to decide who is the next evictee from the house.

Behind the Camera

Reality has needed my urgently, therefore this report is running a bit late. I apologise for the delay, thank you for your patience and ask for you to stay tuned as Day 33's report should be following shortly.


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