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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 33 (Tuesday 15 May 2007)
Open For Business
Business Plans

It's Day 33 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, the housemates made nominations to save their favourite housemates. As well as Harry, who was automatically facing the public vote following his unlucky draw in "Deal, or No Deal", Hilary and Reese are also facing the public vote. Johnny was appointed weekly project manager to run a bakery-cum-café with the only criteria for success being that he made a profit.

Customer Relations

8.00am - The gates into the Sim Brother house are now open and the first customers come over the bridge. Harry is making "Harryburgers ©" in the kitchen in the house, Hilary has been preparing plates of jelly in the shop, which Johnny has chosen to name "Smeggs". He said it was the name of a bakery that he'd seen shortly before the series started.

10.39am - The first three customers have made several purchases from the display cabinets. Hilary has moved onto making plates of spaghetti. However, before long, the fridge needs refilling and the shelves need restocking.

1.42pm - Despite the business growing, there has been no interest in the café side of "Smeggs". Johnny has been busy all day restocking and trying to keep the customers happy, most of whom despite having made purchases are not keen to go home.

Problems with Stock and Staff

4.12pm - Harry has had to make an express reorder of stock for both refrigerators in order to continue production. He collects delivery from the diary room and delivers both to the kitchen and to the shop. By now, only Reese and Harry are the only two housemates still awake.

5.58pm - Reese closes the business and sees the last customer leave the lot. The snow has continued all of the day and now the lot appears to be snowed in.

7.47pm - After coming into the house, Reese goes straight to bed. Within minutes, all of the housemates are asleep.

Disgruntled Workforce

10.35pm - Trisha is awake and has been called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (HM) - Hello, Trisha.
Trisha - Hmmmph.
SB - Are you enjoying the task?
Trisha - Our high spirits from yesterday have gone. You've given us a stinker.
SB - Sim Brother takes it that you are not enjoying the task.
Trisha - By the afternoon, I couldn't cope. I felt that I was on my own.
SB - Do you feel that you have a good project manager?
Trisha - Johnny is a great guy, but no, I don't. I needed a break, I didn't get one.
SB - Do you think everyone feels the same way about the task and Johnny?
Trisha - Yes. I think even Johnny feels the same way about himself.
SB - Do you feel positive about the house passing the task?
Trisha - Unless tomorrow is a much better day, there is no chance in the world, Sim Brother.
SB - Thankyou, Trisha. The door is open.

Polls are still open for this week's eviction. Don't forget to vote.


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