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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 34 (Wednesday 16 May 2007)
Wants, Money, Supplies and Demand
Tell me what you want, what you really really want

Everyone wants something and sometimes what we want is unreasonable or unrealistic. In the Sim Brother house where their avenue for advancement is channelled, sometimes it is challenging for the housemates to have their wishes fulfilled. This week, we look at what the housemates want.

Let's do it!

Darkest Desires

Harry's wants this week are very focussed on the new task. He would like to hire Gordon, Snoop and Mia as employees of their company. Well, that's not going to happen as the housemates are on their own. Sampling the Harryburgers © he has been making has caused our royal housemate to pile some weight on. His desire to get fit might be easier said than done. His lifetime want, oddly enough, is to reach the top of the music career.

Hilary also seems to have the current task on her mind. She would also like to see some of the former housemates as employees. On top of that, she'd like a car. Sure, although I'd love to see where she'd park it and where she could drive it. Her final desire is realistic and that is to be friends with Reese. As they are both Southern gals, I don't see that being a problem. As a lifetime want, Hilary would like loads of best friends.

Our project leader seems to have a major focus on Reese. He'd like to be best friends with her, show her that he appreciates her and tell her his latest joke about how you make a cat go "woof". Apart from Reese, he'd like to be able to cook better, perhaps so he can help out preparing food in the next few days. As his lifetime want, Johnny wants to be the Minister of Education.

Reese's wants are all about getting closer to people, mainly Trisha, Johnny and oddly enough Snoop. She'd also like to meet someone new. Well, unless Edwin tells me putting money on Reese is a waste of time, the last two might be happening sooner than later. Perhaps last week got to her or maybes her role in "Legally Blonde" has gone to her head but Reese would like a career in law.

Trisha would like to be better at cleaning. She'd also like to know everything there is to know about one or more subjects. She'd like a piano, which would in fact help her towards being extremely creative. Her last want is a bit of a death wish, but not quite. She wants to be saved from death. Well, Trisha, I doubt Sim Brother will let that happen. As regards what Trisha's life goal is, I'm not sure what has got into her head but she wants to be a Criminal Mastermind. Ok, Ms. Big.

Oddly enough, nobody wanted a cellphone this year.

Sensible Money in Sim Brother

From finding out what the housemates want to finding out who you, the viewers, want to see out. It's time to call on Edwin and find out how the betting is going this week.

Dr.Phil - Hi, Edwin, how is everything with you and Simbrokes today?
Edwin - Just when we were getting used to betting starting on a Tuesday, Sim Brother throws it and we're starting today. As a result, we only have the first estimates of who is going and that could change quickly.
Dr.Phil - Hasn't the early betting always indicated how the final result is?
Edwin - Yes, but not with the same reliability.
Dr.Phil - So tell us what you can, then.
Edwin - So far, it looks like one of the girls will be going.
Dr.Phil - What are the odds on them?
Edwin - It's 2-1 on both of the girls and 4-1 on Harry. However, anything can change. A few more votes and everything could be equal. So at this stage, I cannot make a prediction.
Dr.Phil - Do you feel the housemates are going to pass the task this week?
Edwin - Unless Johnny has made some radical changes to the shop, sold back some unnecessary items and found a way for them to make more money without spending more, they have no chance at all. They are overstocked and were struggling to keep one customer who had spent up.
Dr.Phil - So what are the odds on them passing the task?
Edwin - I'm giving 12-1 and 2-1 ON for them to pass. I'm trying to encourage betting here with those odds. Johnny might be a very popular housemate but he's not handling this task properly. He fielded his entire workforce at once so they all fell at about the same time and he's also overstocked. I'm not impressed, Phil.
Dr.Phil - Any idea on who Simbrokes think will win the series yet?
Edwin - I think it could be quite tight. My first guess is at an all-guy finals night, but I could be badly wrong.
Dr.Phil - Thanks, Edwin.
Edwin - My pleasure, Dr.Phil.

And from there, we're going to the house to see how Johnny has handled his workforce and second day as being a business owner. I was able to get over there myself for part of yesterday and was able to have a chat with him.

Early Start

It's Day 34 in the Sim Brother house. With the housemates all going to bed early, most of them were up quite early as well. Harry and Johnny were starting their day with a yoga session.

8.25am - Smeggs has been open for two hours. Harry and Reese have taken on the first shift. Johnny was there to help them, although Harry took some initiative with helping out customers. Hilary and Trisha were appointed to run the second shift.

Dr. Phil visits Smeggs

2.53pm - With increasing customer loyalty, the business has reached a Level 2 standing. I decided to come on over and see things for myself. I must admit it was kinda strange coming over the bridge and seeing the house for myself. I found Hilary restocking some of the shelves and Trisha was chatting with one of the customers. I was spoilt for choice for getting a plate of Harryburgers or Spaghetti D'Uff.

3.17pm - Johnny came into the shop and I took the opportunity to have a chat with him about how he was finding running the place.

Dr.Phil - Hey there, Johnny. How are things?
Johnny - Hello, Dr.Phil. It's good to see you.
Dr.Phil - How are you finding managing this task?
Johnny - Yesterday was a bad day. I think today is an improvement as I have split the workforce up so everyone doesn't get tired at the same time. I worked them too hard yesterday.
Dr.Phil - Do you feel you will pass the task?
Johnny - If the LeTourneau Prize and Valued Client Rebate counts towards profits, I do believe that we could come out of this with a handsome profit.
Dr.Phil - That's great to hear, Johnny. How are you finding being in the house so long?
Johnny - Either I'm doing something right or I'm just very lucky. Have you tried a plate of Geloduff? It is another one of Hilary's specialities. She uses a special consistency in the gelatin mix.

Dr.Phil - I really must try some, then. Thanks, Johnny.
Johnny - Thanks, Dr.Phil, and before you ask, sorry, no staff rebate here.

4.12pm - I finally left "Smeggs" and paid for my items. Trisha needs a bit more practice on the cash register but she was very polite and friendly all of the time.

Demand Exceeding Supply

6.18pm - Two hours later, the customers are complaining because of the empty shelves. Hilary's Geloduff is quickly mass produced in order to fill some of the shelves. Johnny has to save the day by being diplomatic to the customers.

9.00pm - Johnny finds that the fridge in the shop is empty. He therefore decides it is time to close the shop and to cash up all outstanding purchases.

9.49pm - After shutting up shop, he comes to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Good evening, Johnny. How has business been today?
Johnny - It is harder than it looks, Sim Brother.
SB - How exactly, Johnny?
Johnny - I split my workforce and let the second shift have a good sleep, only to find that there is nothing in the fridge to replace stock. I have had to close the store before we all feel we have worked a full day.
SB - Do you feel you made the right decision, Johnny?
Johnny - I don't know. I'm tired, I'm confused, I'm sick of having customers complaining that there is nothing on the shelves.
SB - Is managing this task too much for you, Johnny?
Johnny - No, Sim Brother. Definitely not. I have got "Smeggs" this high already. I am NOT going to fail this task!

Polls are still open for you to vote to evict either Harry, Hilary or Reese. Don't forget that you can vote once every 8 hours.


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