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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 35 (Thursday 17 May 2007)
Sim Brother V - Day 35 - Opinions, Speedos and Womelettes
A New Recipe

It's Day 35 in the Sim Brother house. For the last two days, the housemates have been on their most business-orientated task to date in this series of Sim Brother as they must make a bakery and café make a profit. Under the leadership of Johnny, they have encountered difficulty with staffing, supplies and keeping their customers happy.

2.08am - Most of the housemates are still asleep. Johnny again wants the shop to open up just before dawn. However, Harry is up early in the kitchen. He is working out a recipe for a new breakfast meal to sell at "Smeggs" or to feed the house. Due to his being Prince Harry of Wales, he is calling this new breakfast meal "womelettes".

Early Customers

5.38am - With new supplies coming from Sim Brother, production resumed. Johnny went about restocking the shelves in the shop as the others got ready for work.

7.19am - Once again, Reese and Harry were on the early shift. After only an hour, the customers were busy buying the produce and Harry was never away from the stove.

Sir Aaron says ...

We'll leave the housemates working on the task and trying to keep their customers happy. I am fortunate enough to have been granted an interview with Sir Aaron Shergar, famous corporate tycoon and media personality to discuss the fortunes of the Sim Brother Corporation. Thankyou for agreeing to see me, Sir Aaron.

Sir Aaron Shergar - Time is money, get a move on.
Sim Brother (A) - You've looked at our recent activities, Sir Aaron. How do you feel the SBC has performed?
SAS - All of the housemates have potential to run a business and you've been throwing tasks at them to test them out. Annoyingly, you've got rid of a good one early on. Who fired these people and why?
SB - The voting public, Sir Aaron.
SAS - What the h*** do they know about business? If my corporate empire was run by my workers and my customers, I'd still be a ******** barrow boy in Simchester.
SB - We did think of making it that decisions came from within but this is a formula that has worked in the past.
SAS - Just because something worked in the past doesn't mean it's the best way to run something now. Do the railways still use steam locomotives?
SB - Well ... no.
SAS - My point exactly. They worked in the past and with the right care, they'd work now but something better, faster and more efficient has come along.
SB - What do you feel about the current task?
SAS - Your workforce is blaming the project manager. Typical. Always blaming the boss, sniping behind their back instead of having the ****s to speak to their face. I've seen it before with my reality show "The Underling". Too many smarmy faces bitching to the camera when they should have had the guts to point out to their project manager where it could be done better. In this task, they're doing the same.

SB - If you were running "Sim Brother", what changes would you have made?
SAS - You've got a good brand logo. I can barely see it at all in "Smeggs". You've flooded the place with it before and on this task where corporate image is so important, it's missing. Why? Opportunity missed there to promote the Sim Brother Corporation further.
SB - Johnny has priced everything as low. Is that right?
SAS - Another bad move. No wonder the shelves are empty. Everyone likes the price and they are buying because it is cheap, not necessarily because it is good. If demand exceeds supply, raise the price. It supply exceeds demand, lower the price. Standard microeconomics.

SB - When it comes to firing, what changes would you have made there?
SAS - Not that many. Perhaps the voters might have a good corporate insight after all. Week 1, I also would have fired Britney. Lazy, moaning. No use to a busy house. As well as that, I would have had a double-firing and got rid of Snoop. He brought on a penalty for the house and that brought about the task failure. Week 2, Jack was a troublemaker from the start. Not a team player and no way would I have him working for me. Mary Mountjoy does my legal stuff and she's loyal. All Jack would be doing if he worked for me would be to find a way to antagonise me and then try and sue the backside off me. He's only loyal to himself. Yes, the public got it right again. Week 3, the public completely b****ed it up. Trisha might be a nice girl and managed it well in Week 1 but Gordon is better at his job and at getting results. He might swear like a ****ing trooper, but so *****y what? He would have been perfect for this week's task.

SB - Would you say Johnny is outside of his comfort zone?
SAS - Not really, he's got a restaurant in Paris, hasn't he? He should remember that. Anyway, I haven't finished. Week 4, the public woke up again and fired Snoop. Lazy, not focussed on the house, only focussed on himself and his crap music. Week 5, which has sweet Fanny Adams to do with how well they are doing, I'm downright ticked off with why Trisha isn't up there again. All she's done is moan, moan, moan. Put a sock in it, woman! Keep Harry. His grandma knighted me so I owe them something. Also, he's working his regal backside off.

SB - Looking at your macrocorporation for a moment, if I may, Sir Aaron, when it comes to your empire, you don't have a catchy and corporate brand title. Why is that?
SAS - You tell me what the acronym is for Aaron Shergar Subsidiaries & World Industry Production Enterprises and you'll see what I mean.
SB - Ahhh, I understand. Perhaps there must be something simpler. Do you have a middle name?
SAS - Reuben.
SB - Hmmm ... then bang goes Aaron Reuben Shergar Enterprises.
SAS - If you haven't got any more useful questions, I've got some people I want to fire. I suggest you go back to your corporation and do the same.
SB - Thankyou for your time, Sir Aaron.

We'll now head back to the house and see how the housemates have got on with their last full day at "Smeggs".

Reporting, Awarding and Red Speedos

2.48pm - "Smeggs" has been attracting interest from the local newspaper. Amin Schehl from the Simpleton Gazette was noticed writing a lot of notes in his pad. He appeared to go away quite contented, although no comment was made as to whether he was going to write a successful review or not.

3.12pm - Hilary had spent some of the day playing in the snow. She had made a snow angel, then built a snowman but then passed out in the snow for a few minutes.

6.25pm - As well as "Smeggs", visitors were taking advantage of the large swimming pool in the garden. After having a swim, many of them have come back into "Smeggs" to continue shopping. Harry's "womelettes" proved to be very successful in filling the gap in the shelves and also popular with the customers. Johnny had increased the prices so that SBC made a 15% profit instead of a 5% profit.

10.23pm - With only one customer in the shop, Johnny decides it is time to close. Hilary stays in the shop as she is making up servings of Spaghetti D'Uff. Johnny comes to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (C) - Hello, Johnny. How are you?
Johnny - I've just put my hand through the rim of my hat. Otherwise, I think today has been good.

SB - The Chamber of Commerce think you had a good day. The SBC has been awarded §10,000 for the success of your business. However, these awards do not count towards your profits.
Johnny - Can you tell me how well we are doing?
SB - All will be revealed tomorrow when the task finishes at 12 noon.
Johnny - Then we'll keep the shop open until we run out. Goodnight, Sim Brother.
SB - Goodnight, Johnny.

Make your last votes count. Tomorrow night, someone must go.


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