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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 36 (Friday 22 February 2002)
The Challenge & More Worries
Over Breakfast
Tom was up first at 5:40am. Tony was not the only one to be concerned about his future in the house. Tom was uncertain, although he knew that his charm might help him win through.

By 7am, Jerry had made breakfast. Around the breakfast table, he chatted with Anna, Anne & Tom about life in the house without Jennifer. However, shortly after Tom was joking along in a flirty way with Anne but did not notice Jerry, who took Tom's actions seriously and came over and gave Tom a slap.

Tony & Anne - Davina & Tom
By 9am, Tony was up but he still had a few things on his mind. He was concerned about Tom's methods and took his worries to Anne, who agreed with him. However, Anne was uncertain in her own mind if Tom deserved to go as she did have a good opinion of him. Nevertheless, Anne gave Tony a supportive hug.
However, Davina was at that time talking to Tom and telling him - "I wouldn't say no to getting into the movies. If you could point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful" - but just how grateful is she prepared to be?

The Weekly Task
The housemates spent the day rather quietly, until Sim Brother made the announcement about their weekly task. In the Hot Tub, Jerry thought that the sunny weather would continue. Nobody else could be bothered. If it rained, they would be more surprised. "This is Sim Brother. In the garden, you will find a dance floor. From Midnight, someone must be on the dance floor at all times for the next three days. Please make your bid as to what percentage of next week's budget you want to gamble" The housemates were reluctant to bid high until Tony said - "If we lose, I will put my Individual Winnings back into the pot. We also have about §400 left from last week. I think we could risk betting 75%". Following this offer, the housemates agreed with Tony's proposal.

Unwarranted Conscience
At 10:30pm, Tony came to the Diary Room to inform Sim Brother of how much they were bidding. He still had something on his mind - "I don't want to buy friends. I believe in doing what I feel is best for the group. I want us all to do well and I believe that if we work as a team, we will pass the task"

The Task Begins
At midnight, the challenge began and Tony headed took the first four hours. He knew this was going to be hard and the group had to do well. He did not intend to let them down and hoped his stamina would last.

The next few days would be critical for the housemates.


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