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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Reese's Eviction Night Special
Welcome, Reese!

Will Wright - She was in for under two weeks but the first time her name came up, you voted her out. Please welcome to the studio ... Reese!

WW - I won't beat about the bush. How does it feel to be here so soon?
Reese - Perhaps I hoped I could be the first late entry to get to the final night but I guess that wasn't to be. I expected I would be nominated for eviction as the guys have no reason to save me instead of close friends.
WW - That's a very positive outlook, Reese.
Reese - There's no point in being negative about it.

Legal Reese

WW - You were only in there for ten days. How would you describe your time?
Reese - Very busy. That legal case against Jack was hard work and running "Smeggs" was even harder.
WW - Of those two tasks, which did you prefer?
Reese - "Thompson v Sim Brother" as it reminded me of my time when I was in "Legally Blonde" when I played a lawyer.
WW - In a recent poll at TSZ, of the people who followed Sim Brother, the majority voted that you would make the best lawyer.
Reese - Awww, that's so sweet. Thanks, everyone.

Stargazing Reese

WW - We got the impression you weren't settling in so well.
Reese - What gave you that idea?
WW - You were on your own from time to time and stargazing a bit.
Reese - I can explain. The first one is because I was just getting used to where I was. Marking my territory, you could say. With the second, the skies were so clear, I couldn't help but want to sit and look up at the stars, even if I did end up with a frozen bum. Can I say bum here?
WW - Er ... you just did but no matter.

Reese's Relationships

WW - Of the other four who were in there, who did you get on with the best?
Reese - That's a difficult one, Will. Hilary is a southern girl like me, Johnny is a great guy and towards the end, things took a very nice turn. If Vanessa is watching, it was just a kiss. Harry is a Simlish Prince and a gentleman. Also, Trisha is really nice too. If I had to pick one, it would be Hilary.
WW - Do you feel that she should win?
Reese - Yes, but it is a tight battle for a close second.
WW - Who did you get on with the least?
Reese - That's impossible to say. I never had time to really decide who I did not get on with as well.

What's next?

WW - And what do you feel is next for Reese Witherspoon?
Reese - Perhaps another acting job. A lot of people say this town is really cute so I may even stop in Simgland for a while and try and be a lawyer. There is no harm in trying to see if I can make it as one.
WW - Reese, it's been short but sweet. Thankyou.
Reese - It's been fun :)

And finally ...

Now, you've reduced their numbers to four. With two weeks to go before you crown the finalist, everything is still to play for with the housemates remaining. Come back tomorrow to find out what is next in store for the final four.


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