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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 37 (Saturday 19 May 2007)
Then there were Four
Another Empty Frame

It's Day 37 in the Sim Brother house. Following Reese's eviction last night, another picture frame is now empty. Again, it serves as a reminder to the housemates that the numbers are going down and that the end is getting nearer.

Plotting Girls

9.18am - Hilary and Trisha are the first housemates up. They are hanging out in the lounge discussing the men who have come and gone.

Trisha - I sometimes wonder what Snoop is up to now. More than likely, he's back with his wife making out that this was nothing.
Hilary - He was too jealous. Mind you, I am quite happy now. I just wish that Harry would show his more passionate side. It does get quite frustrating without getting attention.
Trisha - I know what you mean. Mind you, I can't complain. I'm left with Johnny Depp. I admit I would not say no to getting in a romantic clinch with him.
Hilary - If we talk about it enough, I'm sure Sim Brother will take notice and do something.
Trisha - We should make the most of what we've got. There's a hot tub that nobody has really used. Let's see about putting it to some use tonight.

Royal Relief

2.22pm - Harry has been called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (HM) - Hello, Harry.
Harry - Hello, Sim Brother.
SB - How do you feel about last night's eviction?
Harry - I'm sorry Reese was evicted. I felt she did really well when I was working with her in "Smeggs". Also, I believe her eloquence saved Sim Brother from the chop when Jack tried to take us to court. It was really nice getting to know her.
SB - Are you happy to still be in here?
Harry - Very happy and very relieved. I'm also happy that Hilary is still here with me. I don't know what will happen when we leave here and if I am sent to war with the "Reds & Regals". Absence might make the heart grow fonder or the paparazzi might make it hell for us.
SB - It is against the rules for housemates to be informed of events in the outside world. Let us just say that you should have plenty of time to spend with Hilary.
Harry - Either the war is over or I'm being nursemaided. Ok, that means Hilary and I might have a better chance of making a go of it. Thankyou for your encouragement, Sim Brother.
SB - Thankyou, Harry. The door is open.

Real World Note - Last week, the British Army announced that Prince Harry will not be going to Iraq with his regiment, the "Blues & Royals".

Hot Stuff in the Hot Tub

9.55pm - The housemates have been spending the evening in the hot tub. The evening started as light-hearted splashing around and talking about whatever came into their heads. After a few hours, Johnny and Trisha were getting the impression that four was definitely a crowd and that Harry and Hilary might like some time together alone.

11.19pm - While the housemates were in the tub, Sim Brother has changed the bedroom around somewhat. Four of the single beds have gone to be replaced by two double beds. Johnny, however, chose to spend the rest of his evening reading the house rules. Trisha was in the bathroom cleaning the shower before coming back into the bedroom.

Back in the lounge, Harry and Hilary started off with some massage, cuddling and tender kissing before things became as hot as they were feeling.

Due to the Official Secrets Act of 1911, Sim Brother cannot divulge what happened next. However, viewers are free to use their imagination and can be confident in the knowledge that 2+2=4.


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