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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 38 (Sunday 20 May 2007)
Training Boxers
Night Moves

1.14am - As well as Harry and Hilary becoming more intimately acquainted, Trisha's wish that Johnny took an interest in her also came true. While "Hilarry" stayed in the hottub, Johnny & Trisha's actions spoke louder than any words. They both seemed to have an understanding that what they did belonged in the house and that was where it was going to start and finish.

3.28am - All of the housemates are asleep. Both pairs are sharing the double beds.

When it's Spring again ...

9.28am - It's Day 38 in the Sim Brother house. The seasonally unexpected Winter has passed and although the skies are overcast, Spring has returned to the house. The lake is no longer frozen over and the fruit trees are no longer dormant. Johnny is the first housemate awake and has taken the opportunity to go fishing.

10.19am - All of the other housemates are awake and are having breakfast in the lounge. Harry has warmed up a plate of Harryburgers that were left over from the Smeggs Task. They are talking about Johnny.

Harry - Trisha, I don't know if you've noticed but Johnny is really piling the weight on. I had that problem a few weeks ago.
Trisha - I'll see if I can get him to do some yoga with me later. Unless Sim Brother can pipe in some music to do aerobics by, we don't have an alternative.
Hilary - I noticed you guys seem to be getting on really well.
Trisha - Let's just say something happened and for as long as we're in here, we're going to enjoy it.

Training Boxers

12.17pm - The housemates have been instructed to gather in the lounge for details about the next task.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - This ... is Sim Brother.
Johnny - Hi, Darth Brother.
SB - Outside businesses are again impressed with the quality and versatility of the work you have done for the Sim Brother Corporation. Because you were able to turn last week's task into a success, this week's task has been assigned for you by the CEO of SASCONG ©.
Hilary - What on earth is SASCONG?

The plasma screen turns on.

Sir Aaron Shergar - I'm Sir Aaron Shergar. Okay, you lot, I don't know how you passed the last task you were assigned but it got my attention. I'm a busy man and I don't have time to do certain things that normal people do. That's why I'm getting you to do a job for me. When you leave this room, you'll find two boxer dogs in the garden. Tyson and Rocky. I don't have time to train them. You do. Ladies, you've got one of them to train. Gentlemen, you've got the other. If that's not the way you want to be split up, that's not my problem. You have until 6pm on Tuesday to train them up to do tricks and to behave themselves. I'm not having any dog peeing over my expensive carpets or eating my furniture. The pair who train the dog who is worth the most to me get a free run into the last week. The other pair face the public vote and I can assure you that one of you will be evicted on Friday. I can't make it any simpler than that. So, get your skates on, off you go and I'll be personally coming to meet you in here on Tuesday evening.

Razzling & Worrying

2.15pm - Johnny and Trisha are the first housemates in the garden. Johnny starts playing with Tyson and Trisha starts playing with Rocky.

Trisha - Who's a good wickle doggie, yes you are.
Johnny - You really like me, don't you, Tyson and I really like you.

Hilary and Harry are sat at the dining table talking.

Hilary - I wanted to do the task with you.
Harry - I know you did but this way, it means that there is a higher chance we'd still be together next week.
Hilary - I don't know, I think the chance is just the same. Anyway, who is this Sir Aaron Shergar person?
Harry - He's Simgland's answer to Ronald Frump. He's a corporate tycoon who also hosts our version of "The Underling", which is a businesslike equivalent to "Sim Brother".

4.44pm - Johnny has been training Tyson to "Come Here" and is making mixed progress.

Trisha has gone to bed, exhausted from a few hours of razzling and playing catch. Rocky is bored and is clawing and chewing at one of the ornaments in the garden.

Rocky is a bitch

5.30pm - Sim Brother has provided bedding, bowls and chewtoys for both of the dogs. Johnny is still in the garden with Tyson. Harry is playing with Rocky. Hilary looks on nervously.

Hilary - I'm not used to big dogs. Why couldn't Sir Aaron have gone for chihuahuas? Lola is a chihuahua. I don't mind it with dogs that size.
Harry - This one seems friendly enough ... apart from it's a girl. Rocky is an odd name for a lady dog.
Hilary - She's a bitch.
Harry - That's not a nice thing to say.
Hilary - No, I mean a lady dog is called a bitch.

End of Training for the Day

10.15pm - Harry is the only housemate still awake. He has continued with Johnny's work and successfully trained Tyson to "come here".

11.44pm - All of the housemates are asleep. Tyson is asleep on the floor in the lounge. Rocky is on her bed but is still awake.


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