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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 39 (Monday 21 May 2007)
New Tricks
Planning for the Future

7.08am - It's Day 39 in the Sim Brother house. Johnny and Trisha were up quite early. Johnny was seeing to the dogs by filling their bowls and Trisha had got down to work in the garden planting a few rows of strawberries for harvesting in the Summer.

"I like little dogs!"

9.15am - Hilary was startled when Rocky followed her into the Diary Room for a visit.

Hilary - Shoo! Go away! I like little dogs!

After a moment, Rocky leaves and goes back into the lounge where she finds her bowl filled.

Tyson's Mishap

10.38am - Harry is in the garden playing with Tyson and reinforcing the "come here" command he was taught the night before. They play some razzle and some catch.

11.21am - However, Tyson does not see the outdoors for doing one of the things that comes naturally. Harry finds Tyson peeing in the lounge and immediately scolds him for doing so.

Harry - No! I thought you were going to be a good dog. Go, and pee no more!

Womelettes & Worries for Lunch

1.04pm - Harry has been trying to train Tyson to sit here. Hilary, after trying to overcome her fear and get to know Rocky better, has chosen to serve up a plate of leftovers. Johnny, after a few hours of yoga, has successfully managed to get rid of his weight problem. (Director's Note - If only real life was that easy)

2.28pm - Harry is talking to Trisha about the task.

Harry - I don't quite know how much Sir Aaron is expecting us to do, but Sim Brother has let him give us one stinker of a task. I'm sure I can't train Tyson to do his business outside in such a short space of time.
Trisha - I'm finding it hard as well. We've got to keep the house running as well and I think Hilary has an aversion to large dogs. I feel that I'm working on my own in my team.
Harry - I'm sure she'll come around.

Staying Dead

5.15pm - Johnny and Hilary have been training Tyson and Rocky. Johnny has been on for a few hours to try and teach TYson to "stay" whereas Hilary has only just demonstrated to Rocky how to "play dead". Rocky seems rather confused about what she is trying to teach her.

6.58pm - Hilary's teaching does seem to be having an effect on Rocky.

Trisha has come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (C) - Hello, Trisha, how are you?
Trisha - Thank goodness I've got a friendly voice. I thought for a moment Sir Aaron would be in here talking to me.
SB - Do you find him that intimidating?
Trisha - Frankly, yes. I just wanted to know whether Sim Brother was still in charge.
SB - Trisha, what gameshow are you on?

Trisha - Daft question. Sim Brother.
SB - Although we have "the boss" from "The Underling" setting this task, Sim Brother assures you he has not taken over this show. Sim Brother answers to nobody ... except TSZ.
Trisha - That's good to know, but Sir Aaron is asking the impossible. We need more time. I had to clean up Rocky's mess earlier and I'm sure she'll keep on making messes until she learns. Can you extend the deadline so we have more time?
SB - Sim Brother will get back to you.
Trisha - Thankyou. Just let that boss know who's boss, okay?
SB - Your recommendations have been noted, Trisha. The door is open.

Fish for Dogs?

10.43pm - Most of the housemates and both of the canine houseguests are tired. Tyson has been taught how to stay and Rocky has been taught how to play dead. Hilary is feeding Rocky a treat and Tyson is watching keenly as Harry prepares a late supper.

Johnny - I wonder if we should give him some of our food as a reward.
Harry - No way! Bass d'Harry is not good for a dog's digestive system.
Johnny - I thought fish helped people learn. So why not dogs? It might help him learn faster.
Harry - I hope you're kidding me on, Johnny.
Johnny - Perhaps.


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