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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 40 (Tuesday 22 May 2007)
Dog Show
Canine Destruction

It's Day 40 in the Sim Brother house.

8.08am - Hilary and Johnny are the first housemates up. Hilary is first to find that Rocky has made a puddle on the floor. Johnny, however, has worse problems to contend with. Tyson has managed to get into the Diary Room and as well as puddling in there also chose to destroy the Diary Room couch.

Continued Commands

11.28am - Both Trisha and Harry have spent their mornings training Rocky and Tyson. In the lounge, Trisha has been teaching Rocky to "sit up" and in the bedroom, Harry has been teaching Tyson to "shake". Although they both got off to slow starts, the dogs finally understood what they were supposed to do and had mastered these new commands before lunchtime.

A Question of Portrayal

12.26pm - Tyson is asleep on one of the dog beds. Johnny and Trisha are at the dining table. Trisha brings up the subject of what the viewers see.

Trisha - Do you think the viewers see everything we do?
Johnny - No way. With all reality shows, it's all in the edit.
Trisha - What about TSZ Livestream?
Johnny - That runs 6 minutes behind time. They have time to choose what viewpoint they will use and which housemates they will focus on. Also, they edit out the worst language.
Trisha - So we'll be censored.
Johnny - Yes and probably portrayed as they want us to come across.

Trisha - I hope they've been kind to us.
Johnny - Me too. I guess the fact that the four of us have made it this far may have something to do with how we've been portrayed. Either that or the public like us and don't give a **** about what Sim Brother wants.
Trisha - Then thankyou, voting public.
Johnny - I just wonder how Sim Brother is going to slant it for the last two weeks.
Trisha - I'm sure they don't have favourites.
Johnny - You never know.

Director's Note - The truth is that Sim Brother is completely impartial ... but that previous statement could be a lie

Exercising Doubts

3.39pm - Johnny and Harry are doing Yoga together in the lounge. Trisha is in the shower. Hilary has come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - Good afternoon, Hilary. How can Sim Brother help you?
Hilary - I don't know. I just feel out of sorts here. I'm not in the mood to get dressed and I don't really feel like training Rocky. I think he's asleep anyway.
SB - Are you finding this task difficult?
Hilary - It has made me realise how much I am missing Lola and the outside. Also, with this last few days, I now doubt whether I really can make it to the end. I came here to have fun and it is now getting hard. Am I making sense here?

SB - Perfect sense, Hilary.
Hilary - It's not that I don't want to win. I do, I really do. I just wish it was next week and not this week and this would all be over with on Friday. It might be over for me on Friday, I just don't know as after all, I might have fallen out of favour. You can't tell me anything like that can you ...... I thought not.
SB - How do you feel your fellow housemates are feeling about the end being in sight?
Hilary - Johnny just seems to be enjoying every day, Trisha seems a bit apprehensive and Harry is keeping a lot to himself but that might come from having blue blood.
SB - Will you miss being in the house when it is over?
Hilary - Yes. I want to go, but part of me does not want this experience to end.

Sir Aaron's Assessment

5.58pm - The housemates and their dogs are gathered in the boardroom when they hear the sound of an approaching helicopter.

Trisha - I guess Sim Brother has decided we're not going to get an extension.
Harry - I've been to a few dog shows in my time but this is the first one where I am being evaluated.
Hilary - We needed more time.
Johnny - We just do our best, we can't be expected to do anything more.

Sir Aaron enters the boardroom.

SAS - 'Evening.
Harry - Good evening, Sir Aaron.
Johnny - Hi!
SAS - Ok, show me what you've done with my dogs. Go!

6.44pm - Sir Aaron has been watching Trisha and Harry putting Rocky and Tyson through their paces, showing off their new tricks for the past 40 minutes.

SAS - Ok, I think I've seen enough. Time to tell you what I think. This task was not going to be easy. I didn't give you much time and I honestly was not expecting miracles. I was looking for attitude of the trainers as well as their approach to how they treated their dogs.

SAS - Ladies, you got to know Rocky first. This was a waste of time because Rocky is not your dog, she's my dog. What good did this do you? You had fun playing with a dog. Rocky will probably not remember you in a few weeks. Sorry, but that's the way it is. Playing Dead and Sitting Up. Not bad choices but not too practical.

SAS - Gentlemen, you also played with Tyson for a bit. You also wasted time but not as much. Your choice of the first command was very sensible. Come here also means that a dog who knows that command also knows to go outside. Don't ask me why. Something about reverse logic. You also trained him to Stay. Very useful. And Shake? Tyson is hardly going to be a diplomat, but it looks nice.

SAS - All of you failed to stop the dogs destroying furniture. All of you failed to train the dogs not to pee inside. All of you failed to stop the dogs to sleep on seats and beds. You failed on this. However ... I wasn't expecting you to pass. You didn't have enough time. I knew that, but you did your best and you laid some groundwork for me to work on.

SAS - Thankyou for your work. It's a difficult decision but I've made up my mind. Tyson is worth to me §2,000. Rocky is worth to me §1,500. As Tyson is worth more than Rocky, Harry and Johnny ... you're into the next week. Hilary and Trisha, you're facing the public vote and on Friday, I can guarantee one of you will be evicted.

The polls are now open!

Credit Where Credit Is Due
The helicopter you have seen here in this report and which brought the housemates in on Day 1 is another of the excellent items that can be found at Simslice


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