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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Cat's Eyes 5 - Newcomers Special
Welcome Newbies... and Sim Brother Fanatics!
In almost every series of Sim Brother here at TSZ, except for the fourth, there have been newcomers. After a voluntary departure of one of the original housemates these newcomers would fill in the gap. Usually not for a long time though. This year, Reese was evicted after being in the house for just 10 quick days. We're going back in time, looking at the newcomers of Sim Brother in the past. This... is
Sim Brother V - Cat's Eyes

Series 1 - Will S

In the first batch of Sim Brother housemates Jerry couldn't last long enough. Whatever caused it, he collapsed several times, probably due to exhaustion from dancing all the time. It made Jerry decide to leave early, and nobody (not Tom, not Anne) was able to stop him. The gate was opened for Jerry on day 38.

The weak one had left, and roughly three days later the first newcomer of Sim Brother was brought in. Will S joined the other five just after they made their nominations on day 41. After a quick introduction, he settled in and had his first little chat with "Simbro". A couple of days later he already had his first party - without having to do anything for it. Sim Brother was halfway and Will got Simmy with it. Most other housemates seemed to take it well, and there even was a slight hint of romance between the new guy and Anna, winner at the end of the show. They even shared beds a few times...

Not everything was alright though: Davina had some trouble with there being a new person in the house at first. Nevertheless Will did congratulate her when her team won in the TSO battle, and a couple of days later all was well. Davina about Will: "Charming. Courteous. Crafty. He could last a long time." Boy was she wrong. Due to being saved from nominations when he entered the house, he lasted one eviction night. It did give him plenty of chance to get along with the housemates, especially the ladies, but well after a week he was getting concerned the others in the house didn't like him. It turned out they didn't: not only did Tony, the only other guy, nominate him, Anne and even lover Anna nominated him. That left Davina as the only one who didn't nominate him.

After the nominations the relationship between Anna and Will was pretty much split up - she nominated him, she went to bed next to Tony. Both were up for eviction. Will probably only lasted this long because the first series was longer than the rest, meaning there was more time between the evictions. After writing a Sim Brother rap it was time for Will to go. He lasted 23 days, until day 62. Mostly because he couldn't be nominated the first eviction after his entrance. After all, he did leave the first possible eviction in his case...

Number 2 - Dave L

In the second show it was David who wanted to be with his family rather than being in the Sim Brother house. There was a divide, and David was living the rich life and probably didn't want to go poor after their team lost the challenge of watching Sim Brother 1 as long as possible. He did win a telephone call of 46 minutes though, by getting the highest individual score in the entire challenge. The call upset him and he decided he wanted to be a father to his baby son. On day 32, lunch time, it was David's time to go.

At his introduction late on day 35 he was reluctant to going inside the house. Nevertheless Dave quickly got to know everybody during Serena's party on his first full day in the poor house. He did have a problem with Nicole early on, with hear being the poor house team captain. His authority problem led on to the diary room, where Sim Brother had to tell him not to deliver outside world news to the inside. His respect for George also got on the nerves of the latter... who was evicted back to the White House a few days later.

Dave managed to kick a riot by attempting to tell the housemates about life outside Sim Brother a bit more. He was imprisoned for a little while. He also experienced how it is to live together with a stray cat, Polo. During the first round of nominations for Dave, it was Sim Brother who picked the girls to be up for eviction. Dave was safe for a week. After being inside for 20 days the big Divide came down, and the housemates were put together as one big happy group. Just in time for Serena to experience, as she was evicted a day after. Dave had made it to the last four, and was not allowed to leave unless it was by eviction or in a coffin, much like Jack this year. After plant Lucy's exposure she was evictde as well, leaving just three... and with George's return there were four again.

Two weeks before the end it were the two guys, Dave and Samuel up for eviction. The two got in a fight over Nicole, just two weeks before the end. They were locked - again in Dave's case - in a Confinement Cell. They quickly called a truce and were let out though, probably because fights are entertaining and Sim Brother wanted some action in the house during the final days. It was on day 70 that the second series saw its last eviction. Being the newcomer, it was no surprise Dave was forced to leave the house - although it was very close. His score: 34 days. But, just like Will, it was his first nomination, and also the first possible nomination. After all, it was Sim Brother who let him stay longer by nominating the girls first. Still, Dave is the newcomer who lasted the longest of them all...

Golden Kelly

Number three was Kelly. In Sim Brother III - GoldenEye, Britney's pyjama party ended after just eight days, when she left the house on her own. She didn't like being together with Will, she wanted her own PJs, and she was afraid of breaking her nails. The day after her chat with Sim Brother she got the option to make her final decision... within 10 seconds. She walked. On day 8. The same day she was evicted this year, by coincidence.

It took a while to find a replacement, but Sim Brother introduced Kelly on day 12. She mingled enough, though she wasn't being all friendly to everyone. She was given the option to evict Hillary on day 15, the only Sim Brother eviction during which the housemates decided the eviction and not the public. Not that her vote mattered, though... Her first nominations were fairly quick too, and unlike others Kelly wasn't safe from it. Together with everybody exept Ruud she was up for eviction.

Despite that nomination she and Ruud were able to stay together a little longer. He opted out though, as she was making more friends and he wasn't able to commit to her. Kelly was allowed to stay, in favour of Oprah who in fact was one of the most popular housemates to win, according to the other housemates. She also had to live under head of house Graham, who lasted the longest in the water tank. Concerning the halfway party she chose for a Wild West party, to drive her dad nuts. Graham made it so, but due to her choice of threads he also single handedly made the nominated Kelly that week - together with Maggie. Just before the end of the week Kelly expressed her desire to get closer to Ruud - something the audience wanted to see as well. She lived a little longer, as Maggie was evicted. Surprise surprise, this newcomer had survived two nomination rounds, two more than Will and Dave.

The final round was her last though. Everybody was up for eviction, as decided by Sim Brother. Kelly still got a chance to make and display her "Horn of Plenty". During the Last Man Standing challenge only Will and Ruud, who both hit the floor simultaneously, outlasted her. A day later than everybody thought, she was finally kicked out. It was day 37. She had fun for 25 days. Congratulations, not the longest but Kelly did survive the most nomination rounds, more than any other newcomer ever did.

This Year - Reese

In the fourth series there was no newcomer - the first eight housemates lasted as long as they were allowed to. And this year, as we all know, we've seen Reese. She defended Sim Brother, but still the audience didn't care. She survived one eviction round as she entered just after the nominations on the 25th day, after Mia's departure on day 23. Reese was already evicted after 10 full days, on day 36. Poor girl, she was in the house longer than some other housemates, like Britney, twice, but she was the worst newcomer in terms of days in the house... ever.

With the exception of Kelly, who entered the house fairly early in the show, the public never really seems to like the newcomers. Usually they're safe for one round, either by entering the house just after the nominations or by Sim Brother playing tricks and doing the nominating, but after that they leave just as quickly as they enter. Obviously they don't deserve to win. The other housemates simply have been in the house longer and did more to stay in the house. And well... if even the Sim Brother producers put them in second place to enter the house, that probably means they don't really mean that much at all. Hey, they're just people. It's fun playing tricks with them. Kick 'em out, they deserve it. Now who voted Oprah and Maggie out, leaving Kelly in?

Next Week

That's it for this special Cat's Eyes edition this week. We went back in time, way back, and looked at earlier showings of Sim Brother here at TSZ. Newcomers are kind of special, but never popular or groundbreaking enough to stay in long. Next week - which hopefully will be on the usual day again - we'll be checking out the house again as usual. Including Tyson and Rocky. Of course there will have been another eviction as well, Hilary or Trisha, as we're slowly approaching the end of Sim Brother V - Work in Progress. Next week, just three housemates will be left in the house - it'll be the final week. Enjoy it while it lasts, as Sim Brother will be over again before you know it. And if you're eager for more, remember you can always go back in our archives and check out the previous four series!


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