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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 42 (Thursday 24 May 2007)
Intrusion and Insecurity
Unwanted Intruder

4.46am - All of the housemates are asleep. Hilary is still asleep in the garden, Trisha is in bed and both Johnny and Harry are asleep on the couches. Security at the Sim Brother house has been compromised when a burglar manages to get through the front gate. A silent alarm triggers the police and WPO Demi Love is on the scene within minutes. A fight occurs on the "Bridge over Troubled Waters" and the burglar, who is identified as Amin Bear, is apprehended and taken into custody.

Feelings of Insecurity

8.31pm - It's Day 42 in the Sim Brother house. Hilary is studying up on how the juicer works. Johnny, Trisha and Harry are having a breakfast of womelettes. The subject of conversation is last night's burglar.

Trisha - I didn't hear a thing. I slept right through it.
Harry - I saw something out of the window. I think he got as far as the bridge before the police caught up with him.
Johnny - What I want to know is where the Sim Brother Security Force was and how he even managed to get into the house. He should have been pulled up before he even got inside.
Hilary - Harry, where was your Royal Protection Officer? Isn't he outside watching over you too? I just feel so vulnerable now.
Trisha - Look, guys. Worrying is not going to help us. The intruder didn't get to us and I'm sure Sim Brother is tightening security even as we speak.

Johnny and The Bugs

10.21am - With the housemates feeling more secure, they have started to get about their business. The weather is bright in the garden. Johnny is taking the opportunity to deal with a small bug problem with the fruit trees.

Johnny - Just buzz off, you pesky little bugs! I know I might be bringing about bad karma but on this occasion, tasty lemonade come before you. I'm imagining you're that creep who tried to get in last night. I'll answer to my maker at a later date.

Letting off Steam

3.20pm - Sim Brother has provided the housemates with two punchbags for the housemates's enjoyment and to "let off steam" following recent events. Johnny and Harry are the first two to use them.

Hilary and Hilary are exercising in the swimming pool in the garden.

5.11pm - It is not long before Hilary's swimming has rebuilt her body strength and her brief time as being fat comes to an end.

Regally Embarrassing

8.11pm - Harry has been swimming as well after having reached his target with the punchbag. However, he soon urgently needs to get to the bathroom. Unfortunately, a few of the other housemates had the idea shortly before him. Harry was literally caught short.

Harry - NOOOOOOOO!!! I'll never live this down.

Polls are still open for you to vote to evict either Hilary or Trisha. You have until midnight tonight (UK time) to register your votes.


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