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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 43 (Friday 25 May 2007)
Eviction Night #6

I'm Will Wright, it's Friday night and it's Eviction Night!

Welcome to the sixth and final eviction night from our series of Sim Brother V. This week, the decision of who was facing the public vote was in the hands of Sir Aaron Shergar. He set and judged a task about training dogs and the unfortunate pair to be facing the vote was Hilary and Trisha.

This week, the voting has been the closest we have ever seen throughout this series. The lead has changed on several occasions and currently, there is under 2% between them. Anything can happen before we go to the house to change everything so this is not going to be called right until the end.

To keep us in suspense a bit more, let's see what the housemates have been doing today.

On the Morning

11.19am - It's Day 43 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, the housemates spent a lot of the day in the garden either using punchbags that Sim Brother provided or through using the pool. Today, with good weather still promised, the housemates have continued to make the most of this opportunity. Hilary is maximising her physique and is especially proud of the fact that through swimming, she has achieved a greater level of fitness and proudly flexes her muscles.

Hilary - I'm ready to take on the world!

It's been great!

5.00pm - Hilary is having a nap on one of the couches in the lounge. Johnny has taken Trisha's hand and has kissed it softly.

Johnny - I don't want you to go tonight.
Trisha - Neither do I.
Johnny - I will miss you and especially miss what we have shared in this last week.
Trisha - Me too. I hope we have another week of it, but I have a feeling my luck is running out.
Johnny - I hope your luck lasts for a little bit longer. I know we can be friends and I hope to secure that after this show is over.
Trisha - You can count on it. Johnny, it's been great.

Last Acts

10.18pm - Harry and Hilary have been having a nap. Harry is dreaming. Hilary, perhaps because of the nap she had earlier in the lounge, appears to have difficulty sleeping. Trisha is in the garden harvesting one of the trees.

Trisha - I don't know if I'll get to eat any of these or if the garden will be tended to if I go, but I'm going to garden until the end.

It's time ...

It's now time to go to the house and put one of the evictees out of their misery and give some reprieve to the other.

Will Wright - Sim Brother house, this is Will.
All - Hi, Will.
WW - Housemates, the public have been voting this week as to who they want to be evicted from the Sim Brother house. The polls have now closed. The votes have been counted, checked and rechecked. The sixth person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house will be ...


Stay tuned to find out what happened when Trisha met Will ... and thankyou for voting!


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