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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Trisha's Eviction Night Special
Trisha is Out!

She's been the unofficial house mother, survived three evictions, shown herself to have many talents and turned a lot of the heads, her luck has finally run out.

It's Trisha!

Will Wright - Welcome to the 6th Eviction Night Special, Trisha.
Trisha - Thankyou, Will.
WW - You know I have to ask this. How does it feel to be sat there?
Trisha - I knew it had to happen sometime and I guess my luck just ran out. I was fortunate enough to last this long and I am grateful to those who have supported me this far. I just wish it had been next week instead of this week.
WW - Would you rather you were still in the house?
Trisha - Absolutely.

WW - It might interest you to know that this has been the tightest eviction poll yet.
Trisha - You're kidding me. Really?
WW - There was only a couple of percentage between you and Hilary in the end and at one time this afternoon, it did look like Hilary would be sat here.
Trisha - That's awesome, but I think the best girl won. I know I had some differences with her in the past but I think Hilary has done some growing up in there.

Of being the Oldest

WW - Not wishing to sound too personal, how did it feel to be the oldest housemate in there?
Trisha - I don't think my age bothered me at all. Being with all of those younger people made me feel younger in myself. I don't think I acted being just short of 50. Groucho Marx said "man is as old as the woman he feels", so I guess a few of the guys ended up being my age, so I didn't really feel left out.
WW - You took on a bit of the motherly roles, especially when it came to the garden.
Trisha - I'm surprised my hands haven't turned green with the amount of time I was in the garden. I just hope they look after my strawberries. They should be coming up next week. I guess I took on the garden as I didn't really see anyone else doing it. I know we were all supposed to, but after a while, things just petered off and it ended up just being me.

WW - You never let it bother you when you were involved in the tasks. You threw yourselves into those 100%. Which one did you like the most?
Trisha - That's hard to say. I liked them all to differing degrees, even the tasks that we failed. I learnt a lot of new skills from them which should put me in good standing if I want a career change to work in "Mulligans Supermarkets", handcrafted toymaking and even some knowledge of Simglish Law. Even though we failed it, I think my favourite task would be the last one when we were training Rocky.

Love and Romance

WW - I will not beat about the bush on this. As a married woman, how did you feel about entering into relationships in the house?
Trisha - I knew you would be asking this. I went into both relationships on the proviso that once the game was over, so were the relationships. I admit I would like to remain friends with both Snoop and Johnny but anything going any further on the outside will not happen.
WW - Tell us more about your relationship with Snoop.
Trisha - That just happened and I suppose I was flattered by his attention, but I saw after a little while that it was more so that attention would be focussed on him. I enjoyed what we had, which was just really some kissing and cuddling, and perhaps I did over-react when he dropped me for Hilary. I deserved the warning, but it felt good showing him he could not treat women like he did.

WW - Do you think he learnt from the experience?
Trisha - I believe he did. He seemed to show genuine signs of wanting to change. Whether he can keep that up, though, is something that I will have to find out.
WW - And then this last week, you ended up getting a lot closer to Johnny. What can you tell us about that?
Trisha - It just ... happened. I suppose Johnny and I had been close for some time and from the beginning, I saw in him someone who was genuine and open and saw through the facades that some other people were putting across. I felt more comfortable in the house with Johnny than I did with Snoop. Johnny didn't have anything to prove. We just came together for company and a simple inhouse relationship. No commitment, no regrets.

WW - That sounds like the title for one of your shows.
Trisha - It actually might be interesting, especially looking back over previous series of Sim Brother and seeing the different relationships that there have been. I was surprised back in Series 1 seeing Tony Blair being such a casanova. Tom Cruise certainly got a run for his money there. However, on the outside, it all changed.
WW - Perhaps you might get him to come on as a guest.
Trisha - He's still in office, though. He wouldn't dream of it.
WW - Give it a month and he might have a few spaces in his diary.


WW - You did get to know a lot of the housemates very well while you were in there. Who would you like to see win the series?
Trisha - Gosh, that's a hard question, Will. I could say Johnny because we were really close, I could say Hilary as I feel she has worked hard to get this far and I could say Harry because winning this would also mean a lot to him. They are all deserved winners.
WW - And what's next for Trisha Goddard?
Trisha - I think I'll get back to work and host my chatshow again.
WW - Have you enjoyed your time in the house?
Trisha - Most definitely. It is six weeks that I will never forget.
WW - Thankyou for being an excellent housemate, Trisha.
Trisha - Thankyou, Will.

And finally ...

And that's it. Now we are down to three and the countdown to crowning the winner of Sim Brother V has begun. The polls are open again, you can vote once every 8 hours, and this time, you are voting to see who you wish to WIN.

Thankyou for joining me and I'll see you again next week.


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