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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 37 (Saturday 23 February 2002)
Dancing Hard & A Collapse
Dancing Into The Ground
With the task running non-stop, everyone had to fill in where they could. Some of them were sleeping near the dance floor so they could quickly either fill in or start their schedule.

When Tony started tiring, Tom took over. He had been woken up when it sounded like Tony was close to dropping and took over for a couple of hours. Even Tom viewed this challenge as being very difficult indeed.
Davina took over after Tom. She performed for a few hours before Tony came along and joined her. They continued until 8am when Anne took over for a few hours before getting cramps. Anna filled in for Anne while she did some stretching exercises to loosen up the muscles. Anna was relieved by Davina & Tony, which almost ended prematurely when Davina tried an elaborate move that nearly got him on his back.
Tony had a break and Jerry helped Davina, but Jerry looked surprisingly pale for only an hour's dancing.

In the afternoon, Anna was back on the dance floor until Anne, who lasted until the early evening, relieved her. Her stretching exercises had paid off.

While Anne was on the dance floor, there was a problem in the house. Jerry collapsed. Tom came to his aid but Jerry brushed him off saying that it wasn't important. When Davina relieved Anne at 10pm, she tried to find out from Jerry but he was very abrupt with her.

What is Jerry's problem - and is it serious?

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