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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Cat's Eyes 6 - The Leftovers
Three To Go
As we headed into the final week of Sim Brother V, the work in progress is slowly but surely being completed. Just three Sims, Harry, Hilary and Johnny, are left. The odds of a Simerican winning the series are 2 to 1, and it would be the first Simerican Sim winning a series of Sim Brother here at TSZ ever. This week we'll be closing up on these three, and give arguments why you should or should not vote on each one of them. Not by letting them speak - we're speaking for them. With various exclusive imagery. As usual, this is, looking at Sim Brother from a different perspective, the sixth edition of
Sim Brother V - Cat's Eyes



First let's check out the only guy from Simgland left in the house. After 43 days he's shown a lot of himself. A patriotic guy, as he showed on the first day by coming in a shirt with the colours of his national flag. Immediately during the first week he showed his leadership skills. Trisha, who you voted out this week, picked Mia and Harry as trainers for the task. Everybody had to reach a physical fitness of level four, thanks to slacker Snoop. Harry only trained Hilary and Johnny - something these possible winners should be thankful of in the future - and Mia had to take care of the rest. The second task was a second chance for Harry to show his leadership, this time not with but against Mia. Harry didn't get enough questions right about the WorldCup 2006. His team did win the match about the pennants, but lost overall because of the kickybag competition. At the end he was saved from being evicted twice in a row.

Trying to finally be a good leader, he did succeed in the brick-making task, also by doing plenty of work himself. A week later he was the last man standing, and got immunity from being nominated. Not all was good though: during an insane night that resulted in a headache he proposed to Hilary. There hasn't been a wedding yet, that will probably happen after Sim Brother. Romance was growing, but they weren't all over each other. Nevertheless some maths were done on day 37... In another task it was Harry again who played the leading part. He had to play Deal or No Deal, and automatically faced the public vote again. When it came to leading Smeggs, Harry passed it over to Johnny, but worked hard to do his work right. The same goes for training Tyson, where he did his best in making him take his business outside. He and Johnny succeeded, and got their place in this final week. Even without his security guard.

All in all Harry is a hard working man, who did his best to pass the various tasks. Not always with success though, and in multiple cases his leadership resulted in a loss for the team or at least some housemates. However, he's also selfish and chose for himself whenever he could: he won immunity through the last man standing, and also kept his box to himself in Deal or No Deal. Not in good luck, and it put him up for eviction, but he survived. Three times in total this show. If you think Harry should win, vote for him now.



Hilary is the only girl left in the house, after Trisha was voted out yesterday. She was excited to enter, and managed to live through various evictions, making it the final week. A bit of a whiner at first, when she was complaining about the first task. She did make it to her required level of fitness though, which possibly even helped her through the unplanned epidemy quickly. She was one of the first to leave the bubbles. She didn't mean much to Mia's team in the WorldCup competition though, as she only played kickybag... when the winner was already decided. Together with Harry she lost, and was up for eviction. She didn't show much of herself during the brick task that week, but she wasn't kicked out. The same goes for the legal battle, when she didn't seem to be of any use at all. When it was day 20 she already expressed her feelings about Snoop to Sim Brother... or was it really Harry?

Her whining continued for the Last Man Standing, where she wanted toilet breaks. She's probably never seen the show before. After Trisha's drop to the floor, she stepped off her tile and was disqualified. The party that followed was an exciting one for her, as Harry proposed, even though she got in a fight with Snoop, her former flirt. In a later task, concerning Smeggs, she startled at first when Sim Brother told the housemates about customers. She was a key part in that task though, probably trying to brush up her image, by doing a lot of the cooking to make sure the shop had something to sell. In the final task, training the boxer dogs, she didn't get along all too well with Rocky. She preferred a cute little chihuahua, like Lola. Nevertheless she pulled it off and managed to teach Rocky a few tricks.

Hilary's happy she made it to the end, but also wants it to be over and get back home. She whined a lot, but did what she was told to. So far she's survived four nominations so far, with Jack, Snoop, Reese and Trisha going instead of her. She's proven to be a popular housemate, but she still has to make it through this final stretch. Vote for Hilary if you want her to become the winner of this Sim Brother series.



Finally there's Johnny, a popular housemate who has been put to the test by Sim Brother. Not only was his relationship with Trisha forced to a quick pause now Trisha has been evicted, he was also separated. In the first task he was trained at the final day, but he made it just in time. In the second task he did his best against Mia, by answering a pennant question right. It didn't make his team win the task though. He was up for eviction, and was evicted as most popular housemate. Not for real though, as he was only separated from Jack, the real evictee, and the rest. He spent a few days in the Hider's home, catching fish when nobody was looking. In the brick-making task after that he helped Harry in leading, by recommending shorter shifts. In the Last Man Standing challenge he was the first to wet himself, but he was the runner-up, leaving only Harry standing longer.

During the legal battle against Jack Johnny was the representative of the defendant, together with Reese. He did most of the talking concerning the freezing of housemate assets. The next day Harry asked Johnny about the proposal to Hilary, showing how good friends Harry and Johnny really are. In the Deal or No Deal show Harry left Johnny til the end though, to choose to open his own box rather than Johnny's. The Smeggs task was Johnny's big challenge, as leader of the pack, and he pulled everyone through successfully. In training the boxer dogs he did a good job with Tyson, despite wasting some time playing. After all, it did get him into the final week... without Trisha, who may be his true love...

Johnny has had a fairly hard time in the house, being separated and having to sneak in the house, even with people awake. He succeeded and has shown to be a teamplayer. His love with Trisha grew late, and it must have hurt him to be separated from her. Still, Johnny hasn't been the most important person when it comes to some of the tasks, and without others he would definitely not have come this far. You've only been able to vote for him once before, so on that part he's been very safe. You can vote for him again now though, but this time it's for him to win.

One Week Left!

We have just one week left to go now! Next Friday will be the grand finale of Sim Brother V - Work In Progress. You can vote for the guy or girl you want to win this year. The poll is open and will be open until the end of the week. Until then there will be a daily show of Sim Brother again, showing what's happened to Harry, Hilary and Johnny. Don't miss it, and don't miss the final next week either! And don't forget, Cat's Eyes will make its return once more after the final night, looking back at the final week and the winner of the show... whoever that will be. Get voting, it's in your hands! You decide!


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