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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 44 (Saturday 26 May 2007)
Entering the Final Week
Fisherman's Thoughts

It's Day 44 in the Sim Brother house. Seven and a half hours ago, Trisha became the sixth person to be evicted and leave through the front gate. An empty photoframe reminds the house of her departure.

7.24am - Johnny is the first housemate up. He has been fishing for over an hour and has just caught a rainbow trout. He comes to the Diary Room to talk to Sim Brother.

Sim Brother (C) - Good morning, Johnny. How are you feeling today?
Johnny - I'm okay considering.
SB - How are you feeling about Trisha leaving yesterday?
Johnny - Disappointed, but everything has to come to an end. I just hope the vote was a close one. As well as Trisha and I being very close, she became a really good friend. Now I feel that I am the odd man out to Mr & Mrs Wales.
SB - Do you feel having a talk to them would help?
Johnny - It might. I guess we'll just have to see how the day goes.

Friend Required

10.24am - Hilary is in the garden planting some new tomatoes. Harry and Johnny are chatting in the lounge.

Harry - I'm sorry Trisha left last night. I guess you're feeling a bit out of it.
Johnny - It might take me some time to adjust, yes. If you guys want some time together, I'm sure I'll find something to do.
Harry - Don't be like that, Johnny. You're still a great mate. I could still do with your company. My knowledge of Disney, Hilary's music career and fashion line is somewhat limited. I could do with different subjects of conversation and people to hang with.
Johnny - I can always take you fishing.


4.09pm - The housemates are in the lounge.

Sim Brother (C) - Housemates, welcome to Games Week. Over the next six days, you will be in different games tournaments. The winner of the most tournaments will receive a cash bonus of ยง20,000 to be disposed of as you wish. The shed is now the Games Room and each day will be fitted out accordingly. Your first tournament will be a networked version of "Codename Tinderbox" with the winner being determined as the one with the most kills.
Harry - Great! We trained on that at Sandhurst.
Johnny - I guess we should expect to be fragged bigtime.
Harry - Damn right!

6.18pm - The housemates have been playing CTB for the past hour and thirty minutes. Hilary is not enjoying the game as much as the guys.

Hilary - Hey! Stop it! No matter where I go, one of you is killing me. Either Johnny with that sniper rifle or Harry runs me over in a tank.
Harry - Sorry, Hils, that is how it was for me when I was at Sandhurst. You learn from your mistakes. Anyway, you were in Cadet Kelly so you should have some military experience behind you.
Hilary - Harry, that was just a movie.
Johnny - As a tactical hint, it's all about "not being seen". Whoever one of us sees, we kill. Sorry, it's all part of the game.
Hilary - Well, I'm not going to be seen in this damn game because I quit! I'm going swimming. You guys can carry on playing soldiers.

8.00pm - Johnny and Harry have carried on playing CTB for almost another two hours. Despite Harry taking a lead and using the weaponry on his tank to destroy Johnny's hiding places on many occasions, Johnny has adapted his tactics. Gradually stockpiling weaponry, he has managed to use anti-tank weapons to destroy Harry's tank and when Harry has been forced into the open, he hasn't had time to ready his weapon before he has been picked off. Time and time again.

Sim Brother (C) - This is Sim Brother. Game Over!
Harry - It's going to be close but I think I might have the edge.
SB - The winner of the CTB Tournament with 5 more clear frags is ... Johnny.
Johnny - That was fun :)

Sore Loser?

9.10pm - Harry has come to the Diary Room. He doesn't look pleased.

Sim Brother (C) - Hello, Harry.
Harry - Are you sure about that score, Sim Brother? I'm sure I had more kills than Johnny.
SB - Sim Brother has checked the server records. Adding up the amount of times Johnny killed Hilary and the amount of times he killed you, he had a clear 5 more frags.
Harry - I should know that program inside out. I've trained on it. I was one of the best in my class in computer-simulated combat.
SB - Perhaps you just need more training, Harry, or to change your tactics.
Harry - Perhaps. I just don't like losing.
SB - It happens to the best of us, Harry.

Making Out with the Losers

11.35pm - Johnny has decided to have an early night and has gone to bed. Harry and Hilary are making the most of the Games Room to have some quality time and fun and games of themselves.

Hilary (giggling) - This seems so wicked, Harry.
Harry - The opportunity is here. Let's make the most of it.

Keep on voting to decide who wins Sim Brother V

Behind the Camera
Any similarity between the fictional CODENAME TINDERBOX and OPERATION FLASHPOINT by Bohemia Interactive is purely intentional.


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