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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 45 (Sunday 27 May 2007)
Magic Arrows
Beware of the Dark Side

It's Day 45 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, Sim Brother announced the beginning of Games Week with tournaments in different games to be held each day. The winner of the most tournaments would be awarded a cash prize of §20,000. Johnny won the first tournament which was a networked computer game.

6.53am - Johnny is the first housemate up. For the second morning in a row, he is up fishing.

8.57am - All of the housemates are now up. Harry is serving up breakfast. Hilary has come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - Good morning, Hilary. How are you today?
Hilary - I'm ok, I guess. Just a little bit worried about the end of the show.
SB - What is it that you are worrying about?
Hilary - A lot of things, really. It's knowing I've got this far and I'd really like to win, but I know both of the guys would like to win too. I wouldn't be too upset if I didn't win as I feel I've won something better and that is the love of a really great guy. I just don't want to lose that from public pressure.
SB - Sim Brother understands and knows all too well about the power of the dark side of the media.
Hilary - can you suggest anything?
SB - Enjoy everything while you still have the opportunity.
Hilary - So don't build my hopes, yeah? I thought that's what you meant.

Best of Order, Housemates, Game On!

11.00am - The housemates are gathered in the Games Room, which has been redecorated in the style of a traditional English pub.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - This ... is Sim Brother. Welcome to "The Linkheart Tavern". This will be the décor of your games room for the next three days. Today, this is the venue of the Darts Tournament. Each of you will play the other and the one with the most victories wins the tournament. Each match is of the best of 5 games. The first to play will be Harry and Hilary.

11.13am - Hilary has just won her first match against Harry. Surprisingly after losing the first two games, Harry managed to pull back and level the match by winning the next two but Hilary through some lucky playing won the deciding game.

Harry - Very well played, I couldn't have lost to nicer opponent.
Hilary - Awww, honey, you say the nicest things.
Johnny - Would you guys rather I was elsewhere?

12.10pm - Johnny and Hilary have just finished their match. Johnny took the first game, Hilary took the second but Johnny took the remaining two to win 3-1.

Hilary - Awww, I thought you would have let me win because I'm so cute.
Johnny - Cute you are, but no way am I going to lower my game for anyone.
Harry - Don't worry, Hils. I'll avenge your defeat.

1.05pm - Harry and Johnny have just finished their game. Johnny took the first game but Harry immediately upped his game to take the next three, decisively beating Johnny to win 3-1.

Johnny - Very well played, Harry. I never really thought of you as a darts player.
Harry - I've dabbled a little bit. They don't call me "the partying prince" for nothing.
Hilary - Thankyou, honey, for beating Johnny for me. Your are my champion!

Sim Brother (JEJ) - This ... is Sim Brother. Housemates, of the two matches that you played, all of you have won one match each. The winner of the darts tournament is now determined to be the housemate who won the most games. That winner is ...


Where are they now?

10.18pm - The housemates have spent the afternoon in the garden. They have tended to the trees and strawberries where necessary and spent time swimming and generally relaxing. They are spending their evening relaxing in "The Linkheart". Johnny is inventing cocktails and has served up a round of "Deppmeisters". They are speculating about what the evictees are doing on the outside.

Hilary - I think that Britney will have had another haircut and is trying to relaunch her career by looking like Sinead O'Connor. Other than that, she might have gone to beauty school to see if she can learn how to use an electric shaver properly.

Johnny - I think that Jack has turned over a new leaf and has set up a law practice to represent zombies, vampires, servos, werewolves and plant people and promote their rights as equal citizens. If he hasn't, he'll be trying to sue Simotronic Arts for not censoring what happens in "Real Lives Online".
Harry - Ok ... I think that Mia is back with her family and from the publicity she will have got when in here, she'll now be a soccer commentator or making a documentary about women in sport.
Hilary - Snoop is ... hmmm ... he's writing a self-discovery book entitled "Rap and Rapport" where he looks at how music stars should not be forced to follow certain stereotypes and can in fact come across as sensitive individuals. Otherwise, he's working on doing an album with Spiral from "Big Brother UK 2006".

Johnny - Reese has probably got her people talking to the studios about "Legally Blonde 3". If she's not doing that, she'll be looking at her own line in facepacks for zombies as she feels sorry for Jack and other zombies and doesn't want them to appear too pale.
Harry - I think that Trisha is still making the most of the publicity of coming fourth. She will be successfully fending off questions from the tabloids and working on a new show. Also, I could see her writing her own book about her experiences and the perils of being in Sim Brother.
Hilary - I just wonder what is going to happen to us after we leave.

Who wins Sim Brother V? You decide. Keep making your votes for Harry, Hilary or Johnny.


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