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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 46 (Monday 28 May 2007)
For Chips or Clothes
The Chips Are Down

It's Day 46 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, the games room was turned into "The Linkheart Tavern", modelled in the style of a Simglish pub and to be the venue for many of the tasks for the remainder of the week. Yesterday, Harry won the darts which meant both Johnny and Harry had won one tournament each.

1.25pm - The housemates are gathered in The Linkheart.

Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, housemates. Today's tournament is a Poker School. Each of you will start with §200 in chips. The winner is the one who wins all of the money.

2.02pm - The housemates have been playing for an just over 30 minutes. Hilary is currently ahead by §50. Harry is down by §75 and Johnny is down by §25.

2.45pm - The threesome have now been playing for over an hour. Hilary's early run of good luck appears to have abandoned her. Johnny has been winning constantly for the last 40 minutes through a combination of good luck and bluffing. He is now ahead by §200. Harry has not yet won anything and is down to §25.

3.15pm - The housemates have now been playing for almost 2 hours. Harry is now the one who Lady Luck is smiling on and has been on a winning streak for the past 30 minutes and has pulled back to §175.

3.45pm - Johnny's luck has changed and he has been winning for the past 30 minutes. Hilary's luck has abandoned her and she drops out after having lost all of her money. Harry now only has §75.

Harry - Let's raise the stakes. We each put §75 for the pot. Best hand without any draws wins the pot.
Johnny - I'll go with that.

With §150 in the pot which could put Harry back in the game, it is all on one hand.

Harry - King high. I bet you can't beat that.
Johnny - Actually I can. Ace high.

Sim Brother (A) - This is Sim Brother. The winner of the Poker School Tournament is Johnny. Johnny now leads the Games Championship by 2 wins to 1.

A Revealing Proposal

8.37pm - The housemates are again spending their evening in Linkhearts. Johnny's Deppmeister cocktails have had an unusual effect.

Hilary - Who feels like a game of strip poker?
Harry - I beg your pardon?
Johnny - It sounds like it could be fun.

8.58pm - The housemates are back around the poker table having got their coats from the house.

Hilary - We play for layers. Outerwear, Everyday, Underwear, Skin. Lowest hand loses a layer. Last one with any clothes on wins. Let's play poker. I'll deal.

9.13pm - The housemates have been playing "Strip Poker" for the past 11 minutes.

Harry - King high.
Hilary - I can beat that. A pair of fives.
Johnny - I can beat it too. A pair of Queens.
Hilary - Lose a layer, Harry.

9.46pm - Hilary is the next one to lose a layer, shortly followed by Harry who loses yet another layer of clothing. He is now down to his undies. Johnny is the only housemate yet to keep all of his clothes.

Johnny - Feeling the chill, guys?
Hilary - Remember that "Pride comes before a fall", Johnny.

10.22pm - Johnny has had a run of bad luck not managing to get a single pair over the next couple of rounds and is now down to his undies.

10.32pm - With the next hand, both Hilary and Johnny's hands are equally bad. Hilary is now down to her undies and Johnny is now down to his birthday suit and out of the game.

10.37pm - Harry's success concludes when it comes down to the final layer. Harry versus Hilary. Hilary calls.

Hilary - I've got a pair of Jacks.
Harry - And I've got a pair of Kings. I believe the phrase is "read 'em and weep"?
Hilary - Nooooo!!!

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