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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 48 (Wednesday 30 May 2007)
Apprehension, Odds and Silver Balls
For the last time ...

We've seen what they want, we've seen them love, we've seen them fight, we've seen what they're planning.

It's now finally time to see them in person. I'm going in.

It's Sim Brother V, it's Day 48.

Let's do it!

The Doctor Is In

It's 10.30am here and I'm here with the three remaining housemates. Harry, Hilary and Johnny, it is a pleasure to finally meet you guys.
Housemates - Likewise, Dr.Phil.
Dr.Phil - So, Harry, how does it feel to be in your big brother's footsteps?
Harry - I firstly thought that is what I was doing, but now I am doing it all for myself. He flirted around a bit, bedding half of the house. I chose my moves and I have found my princess. Wils is still looking.
Dr.Phil - I'm no royal guru and I won't mince my words here. If I offend anyone, I am very sorry. Are you sure that an All American girl is the right one for you?

Harry - Yes, Phil, I am. Wils is the heir and I'm the spare so really, unlike the man who would have been my Great-greatuncle who had to abdicate, that will not be something on the cards. If "the firm" doesn't like it, I quit.
Hilary - You'd renounce your dukedoms and titles just for me, honey?
Harry - Yes, Hilary, I would. Instead of being Prince Henry of Wales, I would just be Harry Windsor.
Dr.Phil - Hilary, as a good Southern girl, how does it feel to be engaged to the 3rd-in-line to the throne?
Hilary - Madonna can become an English lady and I think I can too and I'd even have a nice palace to live in and flunkies to go and do my bidding and look after Lola and all of my other pets.

Dr.Phil - And how would it feel to be engaged to Harry Windsor?
Hilary - I guess that would be okay too.
Dr.Phil - Johnny, now that the show is nearing an end, what are your plans when you get out of here?
Johnny - I'm sure Tim Burton will have something for me and there are bound to be sequels to my previous work coming out. Other than that, I'd be going back to my family and my restaurant in Paris ... assuming Vanessa hasn't kicked me out.
Dr.Phil - Are any of you guys worried about what the reaction is going to be like on the outside?

Johnny - To be honest, yes.
Hilary - From what I did the other day, I am a bit worried.
Harry - Very apprehensive.
Dr.Phil - Folks, you'd better brace yourself as it will be here sooner than you think.

Final Numbers

I had hoped to be able to visit Edwin Hoyle from Simbrokes today at his office but unfortunately due to pressing commitments and illegal reasons, that cannot happen. I do have Edwin on the line again with the latest in the betting. Hello, Edwin.

Edwin - Hello, Dr.Phil.
Dr.Phil - I'm sorry I can't get over there today to see you.
Edwin - It's ok, Dr.Phil. It was just was not meant to be.
Dr.Phil - So what can you tell us about the betting?
Edwin - We thought last week was tight. This has been tighter. The lead has changed three times since the voting began and there are two clear candidates to win the series. One, however, is trailing and I cannot see any chance of recovery there.
Dr.Phil - You've never named names yet but you have been hinting. Who is going to win?
Edwin - Well, it's going to be the first Simerican winner of any series of Sim Brother.
Dr.Phil - So you're telling us Harry is not going to win?
Edwin - Unless both of these housemates walk, then Harry is not going to win. His odds have consistently been 4-1 and the other two are both on Evens. It is too close to call on those two. Currently, there is less than 1% of the vote between them.
Dr.Phil - And are there any other side bets going on?
Edwin - Not really. One of my staff did think of running a book on whether there would be a Sim Brother VI, but the odds of there being one are currently unlikely. Do you have any inside information you could give us?
Dr.Phil - The Director and Producer seem to be keeping that one to themselves. Anyway, Edwin, thankyou for your time. I'm sorry that we never really got to meet. I wish you well in your career.
Edwin - Thankyou, Dr.Phil. It's been nice knowing you and a pleasure being the official bookmaker for Sim Brother TSZ.

That all happened earlier. Thankyou for tuning into my Wednesday slot with Sim Brother V. I'll leave you now as we're now going to see what Sim Brother had in store for the housemates after I visited them this morning.


Pinball Wizards

2.08pm - The housemates are gathered in "The Linkheart Tavern" to find out the details for today's gaming challenge.

Sim Brother (A) - Housemates, the final gaming challenge is to find out which one of you has the best reflexes and eye-hand coordination. Each of you will play alternately and each of you gets to play five times on the pinball machine. The one with the highest score is the winner. The one with the highest score gets 2 points, the one with the second highest score gets 1 point. To add to the mood, Sim Brother will be piping in music from the rock musical "Tommy" while this championship is in progress.

2.12pm - The housemates are gathered around the pinball machine. Johnny plays first and Harry watches.

Johnny - I'm going to wipe the floor with you, your Regalness!
Harry - I hardly think so. There was one of these in the cadet's bar at Sandhurst. I regularly got my name on the highscore table.
Hilary - I think I've played on one of these too.
Harry - Sure you have, Hils.
Hilary - Well, I just thought I'd let you know.

2.38pm - Hilary has been sat at the poker table playing with the cards and the chips while Johnny and Harry play their first game. She has a comfortable smile on her face.

Johnny's first score is 112,000 whereas Harry beats him with 233,500.

Harry - Ok, Hils. See if you can beat my score.
Hilary - I'll see what I can do.

2.54pm - Hilary finishes her game with a score of 451,250.

Hilary - Harry honey, I've beaten your score.
Harry - Beginner's luck! I'll soon knock it off.

3.12pm - Neither Harry nor Johnny were able to knock Hilary's score off. In the next game, Johnny only scored 203,000 and Harry could only manage 328,500. Hilary's second game improved her score to 889,500.

Hilary - As I was saying, guys, I have played on one of these machines before. I was actually quite good as well. Girls do more than just talk about makeup, clothes and boys, you know.

4.08pm - Over the next hour and the 3rd and 4th games, the guys improved their performance but only for Hilary to improve her own score, next to 958,500 and then to a staggering 1,293,500.

4.29pm - Johnny has just completed his 5th and final game.

Johnny - I got 1,242,750. It's not enough.
Harry - Don't worry, Johnny. I'll sort things out.

4.47pm - Harry finished his game and had a satisfied expression on his face.

Harry - 2,143,250. Sorry about that, Hils, but I think you've just been outclassed.
Hilary - Well, as they say in my trade, the show's not over until the fat lady sings. I know I need to lose some weight but I'm not singing. I'm playing.

5.04pm - Hilary's last ball goes down one of the gutters.

Sim Brother (A) - In third place, is Johnny with a high score of 1,242,750. In second place is Harry-
Harry - What??!!
SB - Who has a high score of 2,143,250 and one championship points to give a total of 3.
Harry - That's some consolation. I still can't believe it.
SB - In first place is Hilary with a score of 2,256,750. Congratulations, Hilary. The bar is now open.

Please stay tuned for the penultimate daily report and don't forget to keep on voting

Behind the Camera

The things I do.

In order to get these scores, I played "Space Cadet" which comes with Windows XP in consecutive order. The scores that you have read are actual results.


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