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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 49 (Thursday 31 May 2007)
The Penultimate Day
A Day for Contemplation

It's Day 49 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, Harry won the Games Championships although Hilary surprised them all by winning the Pinball Tournament. Harry asked that the bonus he won is passed onto The Prince's Trust.

Following a visit from Dr.Phil, the housemates are now keenly aware how near the end they are.

Friends for a Season

2.08pm - Hilary is in the shower. Johnny and Harry are playing cards in the Linkheart.

Johnny - You've been a good buddy, Hal, but I wonder if we really will keep in touch after tomorrow.
Harry - I don't mean this the wrong way, Johnny, but probably not.
Johnny - You're right. Unless you change careers from being a Royal to being a Movie Star, apart from Royal Command Performances, our paths will probably not cross.
Harry - If Hilary and I get married, you'll be coming to the wedding won't you?
Johnny - I should certainly hope so. Make sure I get an invite. And IF? "When" should be the word you are using.
Harry - We'll see. You have been a friend I won't forget, though.
Johnny - A wise person once said that there are three types of friends. Friends for a reason, friends for a season and the rarest of all, friends for life. I think we've been friends for a season and it's been good. It's been an honour knowing you, Hal.

So near and yet so far

4.11pm - Johnny has come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - Good evening, Johnny. How are you?
Johnny - Wishing it was tomorrow. I want to go home.
SB - Can you wait until tomorrow?
Johnny - I don't have much choice on that. I've had a great time being here but I am now missing the outside world. The realisation of it being so close has sunk in. Thankyou for listening to me over the past 7 weeks, Sim Brother.
SB - Sim Brother is glad to be of service, Johnny.

To the Future

10.21pm - Sim Brother has provided the housemates with a luxury food processor and a bottle of Dom Perignon 1998. After a meal of Chicken Teriyaki and rice, followed by Baked Alaska, Johnny proposes a toast.

Johnny - I would like to propose a toast. We have endured trials and tribulations in the past seven weeks, we have all faced the ordeal of possible rejection by the public but now as our end is in sight, we know we have a future to face. May its path be bright and clear and our course be certain. Your royal highness, Miss Duff. To the future.
All - To the future.

Garden Tranquility

11.39pm - Johnny has chosen to have an early night to give Harry and Hilary some privacy and time together. They are sat on the seat by the bowling alley overlooking the pool.

Hilary - It really is very beautiful here.
Harry - I feel the same way. I wish it did not have to end.
Hilary - Did you mean what you said this morning about giving up your royal status for me?

Harry - Every word.
Hilary - I'm not worth it.
Harry - Let me be the judge of that. It might be hard for us to get accepted and there might be some obstacles along the way. The paparazzi are going to be hounding you.
Hilary - Then if you think I am worth it, then I will go through it for you. Even if you do change your mind and put your duty to the country first, I will alway treasure our 7 weeks together and I will never look back.
Harry - Our future is what we make it. Let it be a great one.

Less than 24 hours before the polls close and our winner is crowned. Make your last votes count.


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