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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 50 (Friday 1 June 2007)
Finals Night - Part 1
To Win The Game

These three housemates have been facing the public vote for the entire week. Tonight, one of them will be crowned the winner of Sim Brother V.

Hi, I'm Will Wright. It's Friday Night and welcome to the Finals Night of Sim Brother V. It is Day 50, the final day of this series and also the end of an era.

In the past seven weeks, we have seen ten housemates enter the Sim Brother house. One of them chose to walk and six of them were evicted through the democratic process of facing your votes.

Before we find out which one of these is in third place, let us look over how they spent their last day together.

Last Morning

10.18am - Hilary is the first of the housemates to get up and spends some of her time trimming the three fruit trees in the garden.

Johnny is the next of the housemates who is awake and he spends a few hours soaking in the bath.

Postulating & Hypothesising

2.22pm - Harry is sat on his own in the Linkheart playing solitaire. Hilary has changed back into her usual choice of clothes and is having lunch with Johnny.

Johnny - I think these are the last of the womelettes.
Hilary - Give me your honest opinion, Johnny. Do you think that Harry and I can make a go of it on the outside?
Johnny - I'm sorry but no, I think that when this series comes to an end, that is the end for you and Harry.
Hilary - If only things were different, perhaps if we lived in a different world it might have been possible.

Johnny - I know how you feel. Perhaps in another life or you could even replicate yourselves in a computer game and see how things work out there.
Hilary - I wonder if they've announced a expansion pack for "Real Lives 2" while we've been in here. I could do with them going on a vacation this Fall. In fact, I could do with one myself or just some new clothes. I must go shopping at H&M when I get out of here.
Johnny - I might even take up gardening and fishing when we leave here.
Hilary - I might even try and market a line in toys. I know I can make bricks at least.
Johnny - I think that there are a lot of things we might be trying when this series is finished.

Taking One Out

And that was what happened to them earlier. It is now time for me to call on the house house and let them know which of them is in third place and being the first this evening to sit opposite me in the studio.

Will Wright - Sim Brother House, this is Will.
Housemates - Hi, Will.
Will Wright - You are live on TSZ so please try not to swear. Over the past week, the public have been voting for who they wish to see win Sim Brother V. The votes have been counted, checked and rechecked.

(long pause)

The housemate who is in third place is ...

(longer pause)


Stay tuned to find out what Harry had to say to Will and then we will be returning to the house to find out who you have decided to be your winner of Sim Brother V.


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