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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 50 (Friday 1 June 2007)
Finals Night - Part 2
Welcome, Harry

Will Wright - Third in line to the throne, he has escaped the public vote three times. He's even got three middle names. Now, you've chosen him to be the 3rd place finalist of Sim Brother V. Please give a warm welcome to Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales - or just Harry

Will Wright - Hi, Harry. It's good to see you again.
Harry - Thankyou, Will. I guess I would have liked to stay in a bit longer, but you can't win them all.
WW - How does it feel to be out?
Harry - It's just sinking in, really. I'm not used to seeing different surroundings. I'm used to the environment of the house, although you kept changing that from time to time.

In Big Brother's Footsteps

WW - Back in 2003, your older brother Will was in Sim Brother III. When you went in, you mentioned that and how you wished to beat him. He came second and you have come third. What can you say about that?
Harry - There is nothing I really can say, Will. I admit that I came into the house to try and beat my brother's record but now I feel that I have done a lot better than that.
WW - In what way do you feel you have made a difference?
Harry - My brother did seem a bit flighty during his time in the house but I feel that I was more stable than him and only pursued one relationship and had only one bed partner while in the house. I understand Will had four. I did it differently. I became my own man.

Good Friends

WW - During the series, we noticed that you were someone who made friends.
Harry - I can't say that there was anyone I didn't like, Will. I enjoyed the company of Mia, Gordon was someone who I learnt a lot from when he was cooking.
WW - Might you be marketing your womelettes, perhaps?
Harry - If I got the right backer, I know I could make a profit. Perhaps Sir Aaron might be interested.
WW - You also became good friends with Johnny.
Harry - I hope to stay good friends with him as well after today. Our worlds may be different but I'm sure that they could be closer.

Games Champion & More

WW - There is so much I could cover with so little time to cover it in. With your being in for the duration, you did quite a lot. The most recent is your becoming the Sim Brother Games Champion. Your sensational comeback in the Tenpin Bowling amazed a lot of people. We never knew you could bowl.
Harry - Actually, Will, neither did I.
WW - You also successfully led the housemates in the brickbuilding task, managing them into shifts and successfully accomplishing the required 200 bricks in a record time. Perhaps you could see a career in business?
Harry - Depending upon if there is a military career for me or not, I might have a look at it.

Harry, the Cleaner

WW - Before we bring this to an end, one thing that a lot of people noticed was that you were always cleaning.
Harry - You could call that a displacement activity. Our family is good at that. When there is something that we are unsure or nervous about, we do one of our displacement activities. Mine was cleaning. I was able to make a tactical withdrawl from any situation I wasn't too comfortable in and do some cleaning.
WW - You seemed to be cleaning more than Alex in Big Brother UK 2002.
Harry - I admit I did quite enjoy doing it. It gave me time to think and centre my focus.

Royal Conclusion

WW - I know we could continue to talk for ages about what might be on the front pages tomorrow but I'll ask your fiancée about all of that. Harry, congratulations upon coming third. Any idea as to who will win?
Harry - They are both great people, Will, and she'll probably kill me when she gets out but I'd like to see Johnny win.
WW - We'll see what happens. Thankyou for being a great housemate, Harry.
Harry - Thankyou, Will.

And the Winner is ...

It is now time to go back to the house. They have been in suspense long enough.

WW - Sim Brother house, this is Will. Hilary and Johnny, are you still there?
Hilary - The sooner I'm out of here, the better.
Johnny - I was just about to go fishing.
WW - The polls have now closed. The final votes have been counted, checked and rechecked.

(long pause)

The winner of Sim Brother V

(longer pause)

is ...

(even longer pause)


Johnny, stay where you are. Hilary, it's time to come and join me in the studio. See you shortly.


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