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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 38 (Sunday 24 February 2002)
Goodbye, Jerry
Continuing The Task
The housemates split up the dancing shifts between them during the night and into the day. Tom actually showed a few good moves during his session. Sim Brother had replaced four of the single beds with two double beds and during the afternoon, Tony and Davina took use of one of them to have an afternoon nap to prepare for the late evening and graveyard shifts.

A Relationship In Trouble?
Jerry had taken one of the afternoon shifts but this might have caused him some ill effects that he was not letting on. Anne tried to give him a hug when his shift was over, but he pushed her back. The lady of the sharp one-liners was for once lost for words. She was confused about Jerry's recent change. To try and think of something else, she took over the evening shift.

Another Fall & A Difficult Decision
Jerry had a long soak in the bath and then talked over his worries with Tom. Jerry - "I am not feeling well. The collapse has worried me. It needs medical attention and the best way for me to get that is to leave the house"
Tom was shocked - "Are you sure that's the right thing?"
Jerry - "I don't know. If I feel no better in the morning, I will be leaving tomorrow"
However, as Jerry got up from the table, he collapsed again. Tom helped him up but Jerry was very shaken.

He went straight to the Diary Room - "I am not feeling well, Sim Brother. I have had these collapses before. I have had two in the last couple of days. I do not want to have another. I do not want any fuss made and I will leave through the back door tonight"

Tony did not know about Jerry's decision and was back on the dance floor. So far, there had been no trouble with the task but would what was about to happen change it?

Jerry told Anne about his decision to leave the house. She tried to persuade him to stay, but he would hear nothing of it. He left at 1am through the side gate. His parting line to Tom and Anne who saw him leave was true to form.

"Until next time, take care of yourselves ... and each other"


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