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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 50 (Friday 1 June 2007)
Finals Night - Part 3
The Runner-Up Interview

Will Wright - She was the first housemate to set foot in the Sim Brother garden and she's almost the last to leave it. She's been the centre of two major relationships and has been involved in all of the fights. Could Lizzie McGuire really be involved in this? Apparently, yes. Let's give a warm welcome to Hilary!

Will Wright - Hi, Hilary. Welcome to the Finals Night studio. I'll come out with it first. How does it feel to be the Runner Up?
Hilary - It feels really great, actually, Will. I never thought I would have lasted this long and I must thank those who voted in that I stayed in and didn't leave earlier.

WW - You faced the public vote on no less than four occasions and survived. How do you feel about that?
Hilary - I knew that when my time would come, you would be announcing my name as being the next person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house. But you didn't. I'm really pleased I made it this far.
WW - Last week's eviction was very close. There was only 3 votes in it and again, it shifted as to who was going to win from one day to the next.
Hilary - You can show me whatever charts and graphs that you want, Will, I don't care. I'm here, I didn't win Sim Brother V. It's no big deal. I won something else and something that should last a lot longer.

Hilary & Romance

WW - From early days, you took an interest in the gentlemen of the house. It was at one stage considered possible you were interested in Johnny.
Hilary - That was just a few days in and just before we all got ill, right? It figures. That would not have been my best move. I'm happier to have had Johnny as a friend and I am so pleased that he has won.
WW - Harry also thought that Johnny should win.
Hilary - And he was right to do so. I had a lot of good times with Johnny and I spent a lot of good times with him fishing by the lake. Johnny is a really great friend and a romance would not have been a good idea.

WW - Talk me through the Snoop situation.
Hilary - Do I have to?
WW - We'd like your perspective on it, yes.
Hilary - That was in "Brick Week" and he gave me the impression that he and Trisha were not an item anymore. I didn't realise until we had stated we were an item that she was the last to here. After a while, I found him to be very self-centred but I could not be sure what was real and what was an act. Either way, when Harry proposed to me at the Halfway Party, I accepted. Before people brand Snoopy as a woman-basher, I'll tell you that I attacked him first, although it was hard to tell from all of the dust.

WW - And that leads us to your becoming a future Countess or Duchess?
Hilary - Lady Hilary MacDuff-Windsor sounds impressive enough to me. I doubt I'll get any fantastic title. It depends what the "powers that be" decide for me and I am actually not too bothered about what the rest of the Royals think about me. All I am concerned about is what Harry thinks.
WW - Did you realise how dangerous the strip poker idea was?
Hilary - Will, there were far more explicit things that Harry and I got up to than you would dare show on your network. If I am to be erased for anything, it would be for that. The strip poker was tame in comparison.

WW - So do you believe you have found your soulmate and life partner in Harry?
Hilary - Yes, Will. I do, and I look forward to saying those two words when we get married. You will be invited, by the way, as if it wasn't for Sim Brother V, we would not have met.
WW - Then you'd better make sure you invite the Director and other production staff.
Hilary - I'm sure the director will be there in one form or another.

Skills and Tasks

WW - It may seem as though you spent all of your time in the arms of the male housemates. We know that is not the case as you did come out of the house having learnt a few new things. Although Trisha did a lot of the gardening, you did quite a major share of it as well.
Hilary - Before Trisha left, I dabbled a bit, but I didn't want to see her work go to waste and I am a bit disappointed that the strawberries weren't ready for harvesting. I would have loved to have had fresh strawberry juice from our own garden. I guess I'll just have to grow my own strawberries when I get settled.

WW - When it came to the tasks, apart from a faltering start on the assault course task, you gave 110% to everything you did. You beat Mia at kickybag, built bricks as if they were going out of fashion, was a paralegal and you were one of the top cooks in Smeggs. You may not have been too successful in training Rocky but your hidden talent of being a pinball wizard really surprised everyone. Which were your favourite tasks, Hilary?
Hilary - This Games Week that you have given us was something we all really enjoyed. The other tasks were great, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed cooking and I think I'll see about mass production of Spaghetti D'Uff. Having to overcome a fear of larger dogs was a challenge, but I think thrashing Harry and Johnny at Pinball really made my week and taskwise was the highlight of my time in the house.

Wrapping Up

WW - Hilary, it has been great to have you in Sim Brother V. You have provided us with entertainment, excitement and scandal.
Hilary - Will, I would not have missed it for the world. It has been an experience that has changed my life. I have met my future husband here and that is something that I will be indebted to the network for.
WW - Thankyou for being such a fantastic housemate, Hilary.
Hilary - It's been fun.

To Be Concluded

After the break ...

We will be coming back for the last official part of Sim Brother V for our final interview. We find what Johnny, our Winner, has to say about his life in the house, his inhouse relationships and friendships plus his experiences as a housemate, task leader and also what it feels like to be the new Sim Brother champion.

Don't go far!


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