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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 50 (Friday 1 June 2007)
Finals Night - Part 4
Meet The Champion

Presenting the Winner of Sim Brother V ...

Here's Johnny!

He was the last housemate to set foot in the Sim Brother garden and he's the last one to leave it. He's only faced the public vote once and survived that. You, the voting viewers, have decided he is to be your champion.

Give a massive welcome to our winner. It's Johnny!


Will Wright - There is nothing more than I can start with but congratulations, Johnny, on winning Sim Brother V. Also, I know many of the voters will be pleased in that there is finally a Simerican winner of Sim Brother.
Johnny - Thankyou, Will.
WW - How does it feel?
Johnny - It's a good feeling, I must admit.
WW - It must be said that you have been the most popular housemate throughout the series. From your fellow housemates to the voting public. You only faced the public vote once and that was because of a group failure and not your own personality. Even then, you only got 7% of the vote.
Johnny - Wow.
WW - I'm sorry, I'm going on a lot. It's just so very exciting.
Johnny - You'll get over it.

The First Half

WW - For one of our winners, you have been probably the slowest starter in getting known in the house. In the first week, you didn't register much on anyone's radar but did prove to be the most popular. You did attract Hilary's attention, though.
Johnny - That was very nice, I must admit. However, even for an inhouse relationship, I realised that although the attention of a younger woman was very nice, she was more suited to someone else. Even though she went for the wrong guy at first, she did end up with Harry and I really hope that they are happy together.

WW - You seemed to register more in the second week during the World Cup task.
Johnny - I think being in my Lanske Isolation Bubble © helped me realise it was time to pull my finger out and be a more active part of the house. Then you brought Jack in. What an ... can I say asshole?
WW - You just did.
Johnny - He seemed to annoy everyone and I know I was penalised for threatening to throw a task but I think it was worth it. When you put me in that luxury pad in the garden, that was a stroke of genius ... although a bit lonely at times. The secret missions were fun, though.

WW - You were a major figure in court. Your legal skills helped to successfully dismantle half of Jack's case against Sim Brother, preparing the way for Reese's final assault.
Johnny - He had it coming. He deserved it for what he put all of us through. I didn't see what right he had to take control of our assets. Also, there was no way I was going to see this show finished off. I was starting to enjoy it. Do I have any regret in that he ended up being zombiefied? Not in the slightest.

Heading for the Finish

WW - It was after Snoop got evicted that you seemed to pick up your game. You even expressed an interest in winning. You also became best friends with Harry.
Johnny - Not a massive surprise, Will. He was the only guy left. However, we did become great buddies.
WW - Your popularity showed when the house proposed you to lead them in the Smeggs Task. A lot of people out there didn't think you would pass, but you proved them wrong.
Johnny - I had a good team working with me. Reese and Trisha were great at selling and Harry and Hilary were great at creating. I can't fault them.

WW - And then you chose to begin an inhouse relationship with Trisha.
Johnny - It was the best decision I ever made.
WW - Excuse me?
Johnny - When you are inside, it does get somewhat lonely and now I know the truth about life, I now consider it to be the best move I made and I loved every minute of it.
WW - Now you are out, would you consider following it up?
Johnny - Perhaps.

WW - One thing that did become apparent to the production crew was how much you seemed to love fishing.
Johnny - Gordon gave me the bug. Then when after he left, I continued. I find it relaxing and very enjoyable. I really hope to continue with it ... plus my gardening. What has this show done to me? I like fishing, I like gardening, I even like making handmade toys.
WW - We do hope that housemates grow from their Sim Brother experience.
Johnny - You certainly gave me experience of things I'd never done and introduced me to people I would not have otherwise met. Also, I discovered the truth.
WW - You keep mentioning that.
Johnny - Everyone will know it soon.

WW - Anyway, you made the last week your own personal battle with Harry.
Johnny - He liked playing hard, so did I.
WW - How did you find Games Week?
Johnny - Naturally I enjoyed the tournaments that I won. I surprised Harry by beating him at CODENAME TINDERBOX but he really surprised me by thrashing me at tenpin bowling. That's a Simerican game. How dare he! However, the biggest surprise was Hilary ... her pinball skills and her courage in suggesting strip poker. Very brave of her and unlucky of me.

The Champion's Experience

WW - Johnny, you've been a great contestant and a worthy winner of the title of being Sim Brother Champion. Before you go outside for the fireworks and to meet your fans, what last words do you have about your Sim Brother experience?
Johnny - It's been the best seven weeks I have ever had but today I learnt the truth and it put everything into a different perspective.
WW - What do you mean?
Johnny - All will be revealed, Will.

WW - Ladies and gentlemen ... your winner ... JOHNNY DEPP

It's All Over!

Thankyou for tuning in to see our winner's interview with Johnny and that concludes the fifth and final series of Sim Brother at TSZ.

Since Sim Brother began here, there have been over 380 different reports spread over the five different shows. Also, the following 43 simlebrities have gone through the Sim Brother experience here.

Anna Kournikova, Eminem, Jennifer Lopez, Tony Blair, Davina McCall, Jerry Springer, Anne Robinson, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, George W Bush, Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, Tom Jones, David Letterman, Serena Williams, David Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Samuel L Jackson, Britney Spears, George Clooney, Graham Norton, Hillary Clinton, Kelly Osbourne, Dame Maggie Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Will Wales, John Cleese, Bjork, Martha Stewart, Steve Irwin, Condoleezza Rice, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alyssa Milano, Tiger Woods, Gordon Ramsay, Hilary Duff, Snoop Dogg, Reese Witherspoon, Jack Thompson, Trisha Goddard, Harry Wales and Johnny Depp.

I hope to meet you again somewhere, sometime. Goodnight and best wishes, thankyou for voting and thankyou for watching.

Personal Thanks

My thanks go to ...

  • Loz, my RL wife, who has supported me, encouraged me and thrown in the odd ideas that have gone into the show. She has shown my ultimate patience over the past 50 days when I was focussed on this series when my attention should have been elsewhere.
  • ChEeTaH, who despite being very busy with college and domestic life, has stopped to write his insightful "Cat's Eyes" and been there and understood my predicaments. Also, without him as the "producer", this series would not be here.
  • Jendea, MissWendy & Starrats who have contributed different elements to this series. Jendea for architectural elements, MissWendy for various objects and Starrats for Reese and the pennants, all of which were major contributions to this series.
  • Electronic Arts/Maxis for creating "The Sims 2" and the various fansites named along the way who have also inspired me by some of their items and objects
  • My online friends who have also given me encouragement and support and got their name in the series for it.
  • and finally YOU, the voting viewers, who ultimately decide the course of who goes and who wins, and once again gave me a nailbiting final two weeks. Thankyou for the critical part that you played.

    You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

  • In Memoriam

    Sim Brother V is dedicated to the memory of

    Steve Irwin
    1962 - 2006


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