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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Cat's Eyes 7 - We Have a Winner
It's Almost Over!
Sim Brother V is over. 50 days have passed, and the winner has walked out of the house. Johnny, the first Simerican ever to win Sim Brother, has lasted 50 days and turned out to be the most popular housemate of all ten that have entered the house. You've probably already read his interview with Will Wright. Well, here's another one. A different one. We'll be giving Johnny a little more airtime as we interview him again, at
Sim Brother V - Cat's Eyes


CE: Welcome Johnny. Congratulations on winning Sim Brother. First of all, some dilemmas. Please pick one each, and briefly explain your choice.

Sim Brother or Sim Sister?
Johnny: Sim Brother definitely. If it was Sim Sister, the tasks would have been needlework, nail varnish removal and debates on feminism.

Fishing or Gardening?
Johnny: Fishing anyday. There is nothing better than a few hours by the lake. Some days you win, some days you lose. It's challenging and its peaceful. Also, you don't get your hands THAT dirty.

Nominations or Eviction?
Johnny: Urghh! Neither. That was the toughest part of the show. However, as you want an answer, it has to be nominations. Then you've got a few days to live with your actions. With evictions, the stress can be quite unbearable. I only went through it once and then the final week but that was a terrible experience, especially when Sim Brother sprung that fake eviction on me.

Sims or Players?
Johnny: Both. Sims can have minds of their own which puts them up there with the players. However, the players decide ultimately whether the Sims live or die so that does give them a bit of an edge. Player.

Jack or a Clogged Toilet?
Johnny: Clogged toilet. You can clean a clogged toilet. Jack will always be full of crap.

Womelette or Spaghetti D'Uff?
Johnny: I liked them both. I think more womelettes were left over after the Smeggs task and I did get a bit tired of them. So I'll say Spaghetti D'Uff.

Trisha or Vanessa?
Johnny: Hehehe. Watch this space.

Smeggs or Man Ray?
Johnny: That'll have to be Smeggs, although if I reopened it, I'd make some changes to it. I'd vary the cuisine a bit.

In the House

CE: Well, on to the more open questions then. Although you took your time getting to know everyone, you have never been nominated by the other housemates. Does it make you feel popular?
Johnny: Very much indeed. I was honoured to have not faced the vote, although I did feel bad for those who had gone through it again and again and again. Trisha and Hilary really had a rough time of it.
CE: Did you feel sorry for them?
Johnny: Yes, I did but I was glad I was not in their shoes. It must be very stressful hearing your name come up and then have to wait a few days until you get hear Will's voice with the results on a Friday night.

CE: Who did you prefer spying on during your time in the Hider's home? Who would you follow the most?
Johnny: It was interesting watching the girls in the shower, but after a while, one naked body is the same as any other.
CE: No specific person you kept track of, to find something you maybe could use against them later on?
Johnny: I did see Jack drinking a mug of hot coffee and enjoying it. THAT was something I found very hypocritical. I'm sure you'll have some footage of that somewhere too.

CE: So when did your eyes started noticing Trisha? Your relationship seemed to go well, but it did start very late in the show.
Johnny: Things just seemed to happen. I don't know if we were drawn to each other because Harry and Hilary were having fun, but it was something that felt right, certainly for in the house.
CE: And outside? Haven't you missed your girlfriend, Vanessa?
Johnny: Oh yes, I did but I'm now wondering whether I've dreamt about her and a life I might not actually lead.

CE: Were there any events, tasks, people or things you disliked in the house? And don't mention Jack, we don't want to risk being sued again and of course we already know everybody hates him.
Johnny: Apart from nominations and evictions, I can't say that there was anything I didn't like.

CE: Have you ever thought about leaving the house, to go back to your life outside?
Johnny: In the early days, I might have but after Jack came into the house, he stirred up my feelings and I wanted to stay. My real life was in the Sim Brother house and it was going to be there until the public decided otherwise.

CE: Suppose you were evicted in the first week. Who of the other housemates do you think should have won?
Johnny: I would have liked to see Gordon get further in the game, but I don't think he gave a s*** about being evicted, really. Although I was very close to Trisha, I think from the girls, Hilary should have won and Gordon or Harry from the boys.
CE: And who should've been out right after you? Still Britney, Jack, or somebody else?
Johnny: If I had been evicted first, Jack would have gone in. He would have annoyed everyone else like he did before and then he would have been the second eviction. Britney might have had a chance to settle in and made roots. Even in her one week, I even thought it might have been Britney and Snoop at one point. Who knows what might have happened if she had lasted a few weeks longer.

CE: And who do you think would actually have won, if it wasn't you?
Johnny: Hilary would have made a worthy winner. For being engaged to a Prince, becoming the Queen of Sim Brother would have levelled the playing field. Also, she's young, popular, feisty, good looking. Are you broadcasting all of this? I don't want to get someone jealous.

The Future

CE: I supposed you enjoyed your stay in the house, otherwise you would've walked. But what about outside Sim Brother? Which life would you say is better?
Johnny: If a coffee drinker has to live for seven weeks without his beloved coffee and can only drink tea, at the end of that time, he might say that tea is better. I am still getting used to life and to the taste of coffee, you could say. It tastes different to what I remembered, actually. Sim Brother has changed me. The whole experience has taught me who I am.
CE: So what's in the future for you? Taking a long vacation now, or will you be going straight back to work?
Johnny: Everything is in limbo at the moment. I think I know what is going to happen but it is out of my hands right now.
CE: And the big wedding? Will you be going?
Johnny: If I'm invited, of course I will be. I doubt it will be at Westsimster Abbey or Saint Will's Cathedral but I'll be going anyway.

CE: Anna K, Nicole, Ruud, John or Johnny? Who would you say deserved to win their series of Sim Brother the most? Do you think your series was the toughest, or do you think you would not have lasted as long in some of the previous shows?
Johnny: All the series were tough in their own right. The divide in the second series was very hard indeed. I would not have enjoyed that... or being in a house with George W Bush. Those four all deserved to win. I liken myself to Ruud. He was a quiet starter but went on to win over the public and became your first Dutch champion.

CE: Do you have any eye-openers left for us, or do you prefer handing out eye-patches?
Johnny: Arhhhh! You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I believe there are going to be a lot of changes in my life in the forseeable future.

CE: Thank you for this interview, Johnny. Once again congratulations with winning Sim Brother. We've enjoyed watching you in the house during the seven weeks you were in there. We'll meet again.
Johnny: It's been my pleasure, and I do hope so. I'd love to work with TSZ on new projects. Until the next time.

It's A Wrap!
And that's the end of it already! Thank you for tuning in every week for our recap on Sim Brother V - Work In Progress. The work has been completed, and this was the last Cat's Eyes as well. We won't be back next week, or ever, unless TSZ starts showing reruns of Sim Brother. Actually, the TSZ Channel is View on Demand, so you can always look back, even to the first edition of Sim Brother, and take a look back at the old times. We hope you enjoyed Sim Brother V and Cat's Eyes. Have a nice day!

Personal Thanks

My thanks go to:

  • Rosana (SimsNetwork, my girlfriend) for being so patient while I've been writing Cat's Eyes. We're going to have a pretty baby in October!
  • Andy for spending so much time and effort in this and indeed every previous series of Sim Brother, including providing Johnny's answers for this last Cat's Eyes. It's been a great show, and I enjoyed doing Cat's Eyes for it!
  • Will Wright for lending us his voice for Sim Brother 4.
  • Maxis/Electronic Arts for the Sims (2). You know the blah blah.
  • YOU, the viewers, for taking your time reading this. It's you I write for.

After five seasons, this is the end for Sim Brother at TSZ. There have been five great series that of course will remain online for you to read. We hope you enjoyed them all!

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