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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 39 (Monday 25 February 2002)
Uncertainty & The Unexpected
"Where do we go from here?"
It was almost 2am when Tony found out that Jerry had gone, he got Davina to relieve him on the dance floor and immediately came to talk to Anne. "All he said to me was 'I am cutting myself out of the show'". They all thought that the show must go on and they must still try to put their 100% into the task.
Tom asked Tony about what was going to happen with the Task. Tony said that they were more important things to consider now Jerry had left and he came straight to the Diary Room to talk to Sim Brother.
Tony - "The housemates need to talk about what is going on but we do not want to lose the task by doing so"
SB - "Continue the task until 6am. The task will then be suspended for six hours for you to come to terms with the recent turn of events"

The Big Meeting
At 6am, the task was suspended and all the housemates were awake and gathered together in the lounge area to find out what was happening.

Tony - "Sim Brother has allowed me to leave the dance floor unattended for six hours and call this house meeting. I don't really know what has happened with Jerry, apart from he is no longer in the house."
Tom - "He has collapsed twice in as many days. He has had these blackouts before and left the house due to health problems. He will not be coming back."
Anne - "That explains why he was so strange with me over the last couple of days. He told me he was cutting himself out of the show."
Anna - "Will there be nominations this week?"
Tony - "I don't know. Sim Brother will let us know."
Davina - "Will MNM or J-Lo be brought back?"
Tony - "I don't know that either. I don't really know if it is fair."
Tom - "I don't mind Jennifer or MNM returning."
Anne - "Neither do I"

Sim Brother - "This is Sim Brother. Jerry Springer has left the Sim Brother house. Because you are short of one person for the task, the six hours that have been allowed for you will be taken off the time that you have to dance. The task will continue at Midday until Midnight.
"Nominations will take place as normal on Wednesday afternoon. Those who will be facing the public vote will be informed immediately after instead of having to wait until the next day."
"A new housemate will be arriving on Wednesday evening. A selection procedure is already underway."

Back To The Task
Most of the housemates threw themselves back into the task. Anna & Tony did several shifts during the day and Tony confided in Anna that he did not feel Tom was putting in his fair share.
On the evening, Anne joined Tony & Anna and they put in an exhausting session on the dance floor. They hoped that they would last until midnight, but with the exertion that they were putting in, it looked unlikely.
They were exhausted by 11pm and Davina came to take over. Anne and Davina on the dance floor when Midnight came.

"This is Sim Brother. You have successfully finished the task. Your budget for next week will be §1,470"

When The Task Is Over
Tony was exhausted and went straight to bed. Tom had not been on the dance floor since the task restarted at Midday and had instead soaked in the Hot Tub. When the task had finished, he chose to get out.

To celebrate finishing the task, he went and hugged Davina ... which turned into something more.
Anne saw their shenanigans and had something to say about it.

"Which of us are bending the rules in order to win the game?
"Which of you knows what effect this could have on your future in here?
"Which of you have an IQ less than their shoe size?"

With nominations coming up in only a couple of days, they might be wise to heed Anne's acerbic remarks.


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