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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 4 (Monday 21 January 2002)
Pigs, Confusion and Acid
Pigs To Spare

05:45 It was another clear morning and Jerry came into the Pig Enclosure that ran along the side of the house. He had counted the pigs four times before he had finally accepted the fact that there were now five when there had been just two the night before. When the other housemates got up, he showed the other housemates and they were also perplexed. Once he had told everyone, he went to the Diary Room and asked if the spare pigs could be slaughtered so they could have something special to eat. Sim Brother said he would take the piglets away and would get back to him later.

Jerry had not been the only one up early. Jennifer had been pacing around since 5am and she had a lot on her mind. While the others looked at the pigs, she took Tom aside to have a quiet talk with him. During the chat, Tom gave Jennifer a kiss on the cheek that she did not seem to mind.

And ConfusionÂ…

This was not the only kiss of the day and it was Anna who was giving them out. Later that morning, she caught Tony unawares and impulsively kissed him on the cheek. He was surprised, but when he tried to give her a hug in return and she pushed him away, he became very confused. She kissed Jerry that afternoon, who was equally bewildered when she would let him kiss her in return.

Enter the Acid Queen

"Queen Anne" was particularly acidic. When Tony tried to engage her in polite conversation, she told him "You think you can impress me? You don't have anything that will interest me."
Jerry also received the sharp edge of her tongue. "Your show is just like you. Boring. Just go and take care of yourself - if you are up to it - and stop bothering everyone else."

Later on, she came to the Diary room to complain about the others who she did not feel were taking the task seriously.

Most of the household had an early night and Tony dreamt about the balance of power.
"Sim Brother" Psychologists puzzled whether it was to do with the balance of power in the outside world or inside the house.

Only the coming days in the house would reveal which balance of power was on his mind.


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