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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 40 (Tuesday 26 February 2002)
Strife & Stress
Tony is surprised
Tony was up having breakfast with Tom. He was not aware of what had happened after he had gone to bed last night until he gave Davina a "good morning" hug. Tom's jealousy was fired up and he came over and slapped Tony - "Davina is back with me now. Remember that, Phoney!"
Tony could not believe this and asked Anne whether Tom is telling the truth, who told him of what she saw the night before. Anna confirmed it - "Tom seems to be a nice guy but I do not trust him or like what he does."

Tony was distressed and spent a lot of the day just shooting a couple of baskets.

Anna becomes involved
When he came back into the house, he had a long chat with Anna about his job on the outside and was very impressed with his accounts of what he had done in the world. However, Davina was envious of the interest Anna was showing in Tony and came over and snapped at her - "Enjoy yourself, but keep your hands off Tony and Tom. They're for me. Alright!?" Anna was lost for words.

A Rebuke
Anne was appalled by Davina's attitude - "You might have hosted a program like this. Hosting is different from playing it. Your methods are hurting Tony and Anna and I am fed up of it as well. Both of them appear to have more decency in their little fingers than you have in your entire body. Get your act in order, lady, or your last act in here will be carrying out your marching orders."

A Bust Up
Anne might have got through to Davina as later that night Tom and Davina had a row.
Davina - "I think we should not have got back together, Tom. I have hurt Tony."
Tom - "Don't be so stupid -"
Davina - "I'm not stupid and I'm not having you tell me what to do."
Tom - "I'm *** ** with you making eyes at Phoney. You and me are through!"
Even though they might have split up, Anne had something to say to Tony while he was on his way to bed about her opinion about one of those housemates -
AR - "I think the weakest link is the one who is connected to too many other links" ;-)
TB - "That's very cryptic, Anne, but I think I know who you mean."

This day might be over but more was to happen before the sun was to come up over the Sim Brother house on the Third Nomination Day.


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