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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 41 (Wednesday 27 February 2002)
Nominations & The New Arrival
Before The Sun Came Up
Most of the housemates were up during the night. Tony could not sleep and decided to have a bath.

Davina was soaking in the hot tub with Anne and told her - "I feel like going on a skiing holiday when I leave here." When Tom got in with them, they both got out and let him soak alone.
Tony finally approached Davina and asked her why she was behaving like she was - "I want to be in the final three. I'll do whatever I can to be there. I have hurt you, I am very sorry, but it is just part of the game."

Good Morning, Housemates
When the sun came up, Anne was awake. She had already slept and was washing the dishes for the house. With the late night that the others had, she had kept out of it. It also looked as though she was not looking forward to the afternoon's nominations.
Anna was up at 11am. Her diversion from thinking about the nominations was by cleaning the toilets out. Tony was up at Midday. He did not appear to be looking forward to the nominations and was thinking more about who would be replacing Jerry that evening.

At 3:00pm, they were all gathered together in the Lounge. Anna was telling them about her aversion to whitewater rafting when Sim Brother made his announcement.
"Could Anne please come to the Diary Room to make her nominations?"
"My first nominee is DAVINA. She is a manipulative puppeteer who will do anything to win. Humph. I did think of nominating Tom as well, because he is so similar, but I instead choose TONY. He has lost his demeanour and has become too emotionally involved and that has no place. He's better looking after the world than himself in a place like this."
Tom was the second one to make his nominations.
"My first nomination is TONY. He's a stuck-up ******. My second nomination is ANNE. She's stuck-up too."
Anna was the third one to make her nominations.
"My first nomination is DAVINA. I thought we were friends but she has been really nasty to me lately. I don't want friends like that. My second nomination is TOM. I don't like him any more. He did not put any real effort into the challenge and he hides his real cunning under a charming exterior. I don't like that."
So far, TONY and DAVINA are tied on two votes.

Unless things change, they will definitely be up for the public vote this week.
TOM and ANNE are all tied on one vote each.
Tony was the next one to place his nominations.
"My first nomination is for TOM. We do not get on at all. It's just his way and perhaps something to do with a clash of romantic interests. My second nomination is for ANNA. She is a very nice girl, but I don't think she is very happy in here. I am reluctant to nominate her as she has faced the public vote twice already, but cannot think of anyone else I don't know any less."
The last one to vote was DAVINA. Her votes would be crucial.
"My first vote is for ANNA. She seems unhappy and I reckon she'd be happier preparing for Simbledon. My second vote is for ANNE. I don't like her superior nature and I think she should go."
"This is Sim Brother. You have all cast your votes. Here are the nominations that will face the public vote this week.
"They are, in alphabetical order ...
Anna, Anne, Davina, Tom & Tony."

The housemates were stunned that they were all up.

The New Arrival
The housemates had spent the rest of the day either soaking in the tub, reading or engaged in other varied pursuits. At 10pm, Tony was washing the dishes
"We don't want to give a bad impression to our new arrival."

At 11pm, the housemates were called to wait by the front door for the new arrival in the Sim Brother house so they could welcome ...

Will "S"


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