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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 42 (Thursday 28 February 2002)
Will & Jerry & Will
Welcoming Will
Tony was the first to introduce himself and answered Will's questions about what food there was in the house.
Anna introduced herself with a hug to welcome him to the house. She told him about the weather being very bright lately and she also quietly hinted who he should to watch out for.
The other housemates just said "hello" and went to bed. Anna went to bed at 2am and left Will and Tony talking. Tony first told Will about the rules of the house and also told Will about his interest in Davina - "No problem to me, T. I prefer the blonde bombshell myself."

Yo, Simbro!
Tony went to bed at 4:20am. Will was still wide-awake and tidied up the kitchen and made the housemates their breakfast. He had finished at 5:30 and came to the Diary Room - "Yo, Simbro. You in there?"
SB - "Hello, Will. How are you settling in?"
WS - "'T' seems okay and Anna looks to be a racy lady. Don't know about the others, though. They weren't bothered with me. I'll find out about them in time."
SB - "You are aware of the rules of the house - "
WS - "No fighting, no escape attempts, yeah yeah. I got it. Anyway, I'm going to have a nap. See if I can be up when they are."

Over The Breakfast Table
Will couldn't sleep. He tried napping in the garden but that didn't work. He tried to shoot a few baskets as well to see if that would tire him out. It's a good job he wasn't in the house during the basketball challenge as he missed most of them.
At 9:23am, Tom was the first of the old housemates to get up and Will had breakfast with him but Tom didn't have much to say. Will finally had some sleep and had a nap on one of the couches. Anne joined Tom.
Tom - "I wonder how long he'll be here?"
Anne - "That's not important right now. He's a new ingredient in our unusual mix. He can spice this house up or make us sick."

Will's Afternoon
Will woke up from his nap at about lunchtime and he immediately asked Davina about if there was a cooking rota. Tom told Will about his movie career, but Will did not seem to be impressed.
Anna and Will had a good chat during the evening and were getting on very well. When he asked "Hey Anna, what's Tommy's problem?", she told him about the Tony-Davina-Tom situation. At 7:13pm, Will decided it was time for bed and Anna gives him a goodnight kiss on the cheek.

Tubside Chats
Anna and Anne talk in the hot tub. Anna is happy that she has found a friend and Anne is pleased for her. She said she hoped he would be there for a while, but the conversation turned to their own threat of eviction.
Anne - "Who do you think will be going this week?"
Anna - "I don't know. I might be third time unlucky. I hope not."
Later in the tub, Tom, Anne and Davina talked about Will.
Anne - "Anna seems smitten with him."
Davina - "There's something about him that's interesting."
Tom - "He'll be the fourth eviction. You can be sure of that."

Whatever happened to Jerry?
He left quietly under a shroud of mystery. When the housemates were waiting for their new arrival, Jerry Springer was talking to Will Wright and giving the whole story.

WW - "Jerry, your departure from the Sim Brother house was unexpected and very sudden. Was your health problem the only reason for leaving?"
JS - "No, it wasn't, Will. My health is a serious concern to me and collapses like are brought about through stress, and there was a lot of it in the house."
WW - "Was there anything in particular?"
JS - "To me, the show is as good as the people in it and I realised that there was one person in the house who was not adding anything to it. That person was me."
WW - "I am sure there will be a lot of people who would disagree."
JS - "Either way, I am out of the house and do not plan to be going back. I will miss the housemates, but their show must go on."
WW - "Which of the previous evictees should go back in to replace you?"
JS - "Neither of them. I liked both of them, but the house needs some fresh input. I would think Sim Brother will bring in someone new."
WW - "And what will you be doing now, Jerry?"
JS - "I will be going on a Vacation and then going back to my show."
WW - "You gave the show a lot of enjoyable moments. Thankyou for what you have given us."
JS - "Thankyou, Will."

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