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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 43 (Friday 1 March 2002)
A Surprise Party
A Surprise from Sim Brother
Will was the first one up and made breakfast for the house again. The housemates were all awake at around 10am when Sim Brother made an announcement.
"This is Sim Brother. You have just passed the halfway point in the series and with reaching this landmark comes reward. The first reward is that you can now choose your own nightwear & swimwear instead of using the default outfits provided.
"To further mark this turning point in the game, Sim Brother has given you a disco and a barbecue for today. The disco will be taken back tomorrow night so please make the most of it. Sim Brother hopes you enjoy yourselves."

"Getting Simmy with it"
Will had missed out on the dancing challenge but showed the housemates how to "get simmy with it" and after he had shown the steps, Anna & Tony joined in.

Will & Anna Get Closer
When Will and Anna were tidying up, they took the opportunity to get to know each other better. Will used his inimitable charm - "Anyone told you you're a cool looking lady, Anna?" - and got a polite kiss in return.

Will goes Tubbing
When Anna went to bed, Will joined Tom and Davina in the hot tub.
"Yo! What's happening, Tommy? Looking good, Diva?"
Both Tom and Davina did not have much to say to Will and engaged in small talk about his dislike of people who owned big yachts and they finished with how they enjoyed the party. Tom did not say much.

Davina in the Diary Room
At 12:20am Davina came to the Diary Room.
SB - "Hello, Davina. How are you?"
DM - "Mixed feelings, Sim Brother. I'm glad I get to wear pyjamas that I like. I've really enjoyed the party and I'm thrilled that I've made it past halfway.
"I find it difficult with there being someone new in the house as I don't know how to take it. Now I know how the BBUK Series 1 people felt. It's different with a new guy in the house and I don't know how to take him.
"Also, I am afraid of facing the public vote and I don't know how people are seeing me. Do they see me as a devious gamesplayer or a happy-go-lucky girl that I believe I am? I am afraid. I don't want to leave."

Behind The Camera -
In order to allow the housemates to change their lingerie and swimwear without going Downtown, I used Sim Wardrobe 2.0, which is one of a suite of programs that can be downloaded from Paladin's Place. It's well worth a look.


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