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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 44 (Saturday 2 March 2002)
Rain Stopped Play (but not for long)
Breakfast Banter
It was 6:26am. Although the disco equipment had been taken back with the dance floor that had been left before, Sim Brother had left the barbecue and Tom thought burgers would be suitable for breakfast.
Will joined him shortly after and over breakfast tried to engage Tom in smalltalk about the Boston Simtics Basketball Team. Tom cut him short - "You've mistaken me for someone else. It's Costner who's into sports and his sport is baseball"
Tom continued by going on about his career - "I caught the attention of the studios for my boyish good looks and I've honed that into a rugged manly physique by following the teachings of Simeonology" Will just laughed - "I ain't had none of that. I just came from a tough neighborhood."

Match Postponed
At about 10am, the clouds opened and it started pouring down. Considering the weather had been clear all of the past six weeks and invariably was fine in Sim City, this was a shock to the housemates and they all wondered where it had come from (SB: SimBolix actually)
"This is Sim Brother. Because of the unexpected bad weather, this week's Individual Challenge will be delayed until an alternate arrangement can be made. Until the rain stops, you are to remain here in discussion about the film career of Princess Zaghawa."
However, by 3pm, the rain was coming to an end and the skies were clearing.

Let The Games Begin
"This is Sim Brother. Alternate arrangements have been made. Please listen carefully.

"Your weekly challenge is PC Gaming to be the best at 'The Sims Online'. For today, you will be divided into teams. Your challenge is Team-To-Team Racketball in "'The Sims' Online" with LAN settings. The first team that gets 35 points wins.

"The Blue Team will be based in the Den and will comprise of Tony, Davina & Will.

"The Red Team will be based in the Gazebo and will comprise of Tom, Anna & Anne."

The games commenced at 4pm. Both teams fought very hard and zealously, taking ages to gain an individual point. At 5:45pm, they were tied at 34 all. The last point took 15 minutes, but at 6pm, it was all over and victory went to the Red Team.

Winners & Losers
Anna gave Tom a celebratory hug. He was quite pleased with himself. However, the Blue Team was rather despondent with the game having been so close. Will complimenting Davina on her playing further compounded Tony's sense of defeat. Later, when Davina tried to give Tony a consolatory kiss, he pushed her back.

Being on different teams had meant that Anna and Will were apart and this time had let her realise that her feelings for Will was getting deeper. However, did Will feel the same? Regardless, he got a flying hug off her too.

Tom's Thoughts on Nomination
8:34pm Tom came to the Diary Room
Tom - "Hi, Sim Brother. I really enjoyed today. It felt good to whoop Tony's ******."
SB - "How are you feeling about how people on the outside see you?"
Tom - "They should see me as one of the good guys. I am playing to win and I'll use whatever means I can ... without breaking the rules. If they like me, they should vote for someone else to go."

Solitary Will, but not for long
At 10:26, Will was eating alone. He wanted to become friends with the housemates and he liked Anna a lot, but he did want to get too involved. That would only cause problems in the long run, and now he was in the house, he did not want to be going out of the door as quickly as he came in.
After he had cleared his dishes away, he went to bed. All the nights he had been here, he had slept in one of the double beds. Nobody had complained and nobody had joined him, until tonight when Anna saw Will asleep and slipped in beside him.

Rumours from the Outside
Maximus Bookmakers are predicting it will be "Third Time Unlucky" for Anna giving her 3-1 Odds for Anna to be evicted on Wednesday Night. All of the other nominees have been given 5-1 Odds on all of the other nominees. Currently, betting is slow, which is of concern to the Sim Brother producers and Maximus, who has said "odds could change overnight".

Maximus have also given 25-1 odds for Will to be the next person to leave the house. Do they know something we don't?

An unsubstantiated report says that Jennifer is living in this palace on a small Carribean Island.

More news when we have it.


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