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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 45 (Sunday 3 March 2002)
Dreams, Heats & Worries
Dream On
The computer challenge has affected a lot of the housemates as it features in all of their dreams. Tom also dreamt about hot tub. With the bad weather and the challenge, he had not been in it yesterday. Tony also dreamt about Davina. Perhaps he was regretting his coldness towards her and how he could make it up.

What To Wear
At 6:03am, Tom sprung out of bed and decided to change his daily image. He thought the new look was more colourful and hopefully matched his personality and came to the diary room to tell Sim Brother - "I've changed my image as I think it more represents who I am."
Anna got up at 8:10am. Will awoke 20 minutes later, apparently oblivious to the fact that someone shared his bed. When Anne and Davina got up, they noticed that they both shared the same taste in nightwear - "This will never do", they joked.

Today's Heats
They were all sat having breakfast at 10am when Sim Brother made an announcement. "At 11am, Anne is to play Anna at 'CounterSim' using the 'Sim Brother' map. Both PCs have been networked up in two adjoining cubicles on the gazebo where the red hut stood. Tom will play the loser of this game tomorrow at 11am and will play the winner of today's game at 11am on Tuesday. The best score will win the challenge. You will the results on Wednesday."
At 11:00am, the games began and lasted until 12:18 when Anna came out of her cubicle as the Winner with 10 rounds to Anna's 6. Anna was a bit disappointed and considered some of her deaths had been unlucky - being blown up by a pipe bomb in the Diary Room had been the unluckiest. Nevertheless, there was no animosity between them.
Tony & Davina spent a lot of the day playing chess. Tony tried to warn Will about trusting Tony, but Will wanted nothing to do with it. He knew that a lot of what Tom said was "sour grapes" and viewed it unwise to trust his advice on that score.

Anne's Worries
On the evening, Anne came to the Diary Room - "I enjoyed the challenge and I am glad to have won. I only hope I can do as well against Tom on Tuesday. "I am not looking forward to Wednesday. I have faced the vote before. I didn't like it then. If the viewers think I am the weakest link, all I can do is say 'goodbye'. Despite not knowing someone had sent in an application form on my behalf, I do not want to leave the house."

Time For Bed
Will called it a night just after 11pm. Before Anna went to bed, she had a chat with Davina about what cars they drove on the outside and confided that she was getting a new Simborghini when she leaves the house. After saying goodnight to Davina, Anna slipped into bed beside Will again.


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