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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 46 (Monday 4 March 2002)
Drama, Violence & CounterSim
Will In The Morning
Will is the first of the housemates to wake up. This time, he noticed that he had company. However, he let her stay there and made breakfast for the house. Everyone but Tom was up before 9am.

Tony's Concerns
Sim Brother called Tony to the Diary Room and asked how he was feeling about being nominated - "I am disappointed with having been nominated for eviction but I know that it is the vote of the general public that counts in whether I stay or whether I go. I feel I have a valuable role to play in the house and I would like to see it through until the end."

At 11:15 am, the "CounterSim" Daily Heat began. Tom nearly lost it by default voided it because of being late. However, Anna asked Sim Brother to give him a chance. She would probably regret it as just over an hour later, Tom came out of his cubicle having beaten Anna by 10 games to 7. Some of the rounds had been tough, but Tom had the edge to make crucial points count. Yet again, pipe bombs in the Diary Room kept catching out Anne. When she tried to give him a congratulatory hug, however, he would not accept it.

Thinking about Will
3:00pm and Will was talking about power boating on Lake Simdermere with Tony. Tony went on to clean the bathroom while Davina was having a bath. Tony took this opportunity to ask Davina what she thought of Will.
Davina - "Charming. Courteous. Crafty. He could last a long time. You?"
Tony - "I'd rather have him in my party for as long as possible than he join someone else's."
Davina - "I don't think there's much chance of that."

Anne gets punched!
Will came to Anne for advice and shared with her the news about Anna slipping into his bed. "She's a great lady, but I'm not up to something like that." Anne complimented him with "You're a sensible person who could go a long way". However, Anna saw Anne compliment Will, got the wrong end of the stick (SB - nothing unusual) and came over and hit Anne in the face, who was completely surprised.

The Evening
Things aren't going too well between Tony & Tom who still seem to be at loggerheads about who is the Alpha Male in the house. By 9:30pm, Will was in bed and dreaming of money. Whether it was the prize money or financial concerns on the outside he was dreaming about, the analysts could not decide.
Over the dinner table, Anna asks Tom whether he thinks a film about being in the Sim Brother house would be a success? Tom agreed - "As long as I get to play myself."
Davina then asked - "Who would be cast to play Tony?"
Tom - "Probably Dustin Hoffman"
At 10:30, Anna went to bed and this time it was hers.
Tony and Anne were up late.. Both appear to be more worried about evictions than they are letting on and they exchanged a hug before they went to their own beds.


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