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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 47 (Tuesday 5 March 2002)
Hot Stuff in the House
Mr. Mop
Will was the first one up and spends the hours before dawn doing the cleaning and the washing up.

Hit or Kiss
However, Anna's uncharacteristic behaviour was to show again. Out of politeness, Will told Davina - "You're looking nice this morning". Anna lost control, she went over and slapped her. "This guy is mine, Davina." This time, Davina was lost for words. When Will goes in to break them up, Anna gives Will a kiss to remember to show how much he means to her. Strangely enough, it seems to have the effect Anna wanted.

On the morning, a fire starts near the campfire. Will grabbed the extinguisher and was able to put it out very quickly with no fuss at all. He was quite pleased about it.

The "CounterSim" Final
Because of the fire, the 3rd and final heat of "Countersim" began at 3pm. Whoever wins this match gets the Individual Award as both of them have won 1 match each. In a very tightly paced match that lasted almost 2 hours, Anne came out victorious at 10 games to 8.
Of the three Individual Challenges, she has won two of them and immediately tells Sim Brother to spend her accumulated funds on ... A Pinball Machine

FIRE! - Take 2
For the second time this day, a fire starts up near the campfire. This time, Anne grabbed the extinguisher while almost everyone else panicked. She quickly put the fire out but had some acidic remarks to pour on the others.
"Which one of you has a yellow streak down the middle of their back?
Which one of you is wearing brown underpants?
Tomorrow, one of you will be voted off as off ... The Weakest Link."
(SB - Er ... Anne, that's another show)

Evictions? What Evictions?
Towards 10pm and the housemates are acting on that they are not concerned about tomorrow. Anne told those around the table about her plans for when she leaves - "I think I'll go for a cruise over Lake Simdermere before I get back to work."
Will was the first to break the unconcerned atmosphere "I feel sorry for you guys. I have arrived in the middle of something that's really big for you. It will feel odd losing one of you tomorrow."
Davina - "Don't worry, Will. You won't feel that left out. If you want to be nominated, I'm sure those of us who are left will let you be."
Will - "Whoa! Whoa! I've just got here. I don't want to go."

At 12:23am, Will and Anna go to bed together. This time, there is no secrecy about it. The rest of the housemates followed. Tom was the last one in bed.

It was not long before all of the housemates were asleep. One of them will not be here this time tomorrow.


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