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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 48 (Wednesday 6 March 2002)
The Third Eviction
Tony's Plans
It was the morning of the 3rd Evictions. Will was the first one up, shortly to be followed by Anne and Tony, who both prepared breakfast. Anne, who had mentioned her plans for what she would do when she leaves, asked Tony the same.

Tony - "I think I will probably be going back to work once I leave. There is likely to be some trouble spot in the world that needs me to sort it out."

Sleeping In
By 9am, everyone was up but Anna. She was still in bed, making the most of the chance of a sleep in. She had been in this position twice before and inside she was worrying whether it would be "third time unlucky". Her emotions have been unpredictable and she has found those to be unsettling, especially when it concerns her feelings towards Will.

Tom's Plans
Anne later asked Tom about his plans for when he leaves.
Tom - "I'll take a long holiday, but I am pretty sure I won't be going yet."
Anne - "You can never be sure. Nice longjohns, by the way."

You can't pull the wool
Tom tried to smooth-talk Anne, saying he was bewildered as to how she had been nominated so many times.
Anna - "I am not stupid, Tom. I am sure you have nominated me at some time or all of the time. I don't have to put up with your ******. If you or I go tonight, I don't really care. I'll have seen the back of you."

Early Afternoon
The housemates were handling the pressure of Eviction Day in different ways.
Will, who was exempt from eviction this week, was playing on the new pinball machine.
Tom was having a bath
Davina & Anna were having a swim
Anne was making the beds
And Tony had found the Official "Passionate Rendezvous" Strategy Guide in one of the bookcases, but could not make much sense of it. Although there was new information in it, there was too much that he had seen elsewhere. :-S

Anna's Worries
At 5:35, Anna came to the Diary Room and Sim Brother asked how she was feeling. Anna - "I am concerned that my luck will not hold out. I am grateful that for the last two evictions, the viewers have voted for someone else to leave. I just hope there is not that many people out there who do not like me. I do not want to go as I am really enjoying myself in here now."
SB - "In what way?"
Anna - "Getting into a relationship has really sparked up my experience of Sim Brother. I don't know if it will last to the outside, but I do hope it will. "

Eviction Time

The housemates were all gathered together in the Lounge at the usual time (9pm) and Anna was saying that she might try out a career in politics when she goes. The announcement comes through.

"Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. Can you hear me?" The housemates all muttered "yes". "All the votes have been counted, recounted, checked, rechecked and verified by an independent assessor. The third person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house with 26.5% of the public vote will be ... "



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