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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 48 (Wednesday 6 March 2002)
Eviction Night Special No.3
Taking The News
Tom took it the news quite well. He and Anne had a cuddle when the news came through - "Aww, c'mon Anne. How can I be the weakest link when I am so tough?" "(If brains were taxed, you'd get a rebate)" she muttered to herself. Tom also got a consolatory hug from Davina - Tony didn't seem to mind for once. Anne actually said "I'm sorry it had to be you".

Delayed Departure
Before he walked out of the door, Tom changed back into the outfit he came in with. He need not have rushed because there was a technical problem with the door. At 11:30pm, they were still waiting. By then, both Will and Anne were ready for bed.

At 11:45pm, the door finally opened and Tom walked out of the the Sim Brother house past the Security Guards, who had been hired in from TSR.
In the crowds, there were a lot of "We love Will" supporters who came to blows with the "Bring Back MNM" supporters. Tom's walk from the Sim Brother house to the Studio was brisk. Will Wright met him inside for his interview.

The Interview

Will Wright - "So, Tom, you are now out of the Sim Brother house, I can tell you that this has been the closest vote ever. There were only two votes between you and the next contestant -"
Tom - "Who was?"
WW - "Tony"
Tom - "****!"
WW - "I am sure you would rather be in the house but how does it feel to be out?"
Tom - "Now I know it was so close, I am sick of it. What else can I say? I would rather still be in the house rather than talking to you."
WW - "Which of the other housemates will you miss the most?"
Tom - "I was pretty close to Davina, although she dumped me for Phoney. I'll probably miss her."
WW - "As the only one of the house with a Final Warning, how did that affect your behaviour?"
Tom - "I couldn't slap Phoney as much as I would have liked, although it was great fun teasing him."
WW - "Do you think the house changed when Will arrived?"
Tom - "I think one of the other evictees would have been better back in the house. I liked both Jennifer and MNM. Will didn't take my advice on how to settle in. Some of the people like him, but I don't think it will last."
WW - "And who do you reckon will the next eviction?"
Tom - "If I had my way, it would be Tony or Will."
WW - "What are your plans now you are out?"
Tom - "I'll get back to my wife, perhaps go on holiday with her to make up for lost time ;) and then start work on 'Mission Impossible III'"
WW - "What about 'Sim Brother - The Movie'?"
Tom - "I didn't win, so there's no movie."
WW - "Before I conclude this interview, would you let me read a short email that I received from someone called 'Nicole X'."
Tom - "Will, she probably voted for me three times. What did she have a say?"
WW - "'Tough luck. Ha ha ha'.
Tom, thankyou for giving us an entertaining seven weeks.
Tom - "Whatever"


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