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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 5 (Tuesday 22 January 2002)
Insulting, Kissing and a Hug
Morning Insult

At 06:30, Jennifer was first of the housemates up and found Anna asleep on the floor by the Canning Centre. As she did not want to disturb her, she chose to leave her there and went on to prepare a cooked breakfast breakfast for the rest of the housemates.

Tony had barely awoke from his political dreams when MNM gave him a verbal lashing.
"Hey Tony, you're a phony. Shut your mouth. You talk baloney."
"Really, Marshall. I did expect more eloquence from you."

Tony was further upset when Jennifer confided that Anne did not appear to like him very much. He had hoped he could find a way to make Anne like him but decided now was not the right time.

Anne had got out of bed on the wrong side (again), was after making her opinions known, and and had found her first target.

Anne - "This isn't a holiday camp, Jennifer. You'd better pull your finger out if you want to stay here."

Sim Brother could not pick up what Jennifer muttered under her breath as a reply. Her microphone must not have been working properly.

Lunchtime Kiss

Jennifer did not appear to care about what Anne had said. She had more important things on her mind involving a certain actor. While he was about to get a copy of Delia from the bookcase and learn some menus, she came up and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Tom (laughing) - "Hey, I think we should better be getting some work done. People might start to talk."
Jennifer - "Let them, Tom. Let them."

Afternoon Plot

Anne decided she needed an ally and she looked to a fellow presenter to conspire with.

Anne - "I know Jerry presents TV shows like we do, but he is not man enough to be allowed to stay here with us. His show is all washed up and predictable."
Davina - "That's interesting, Anne, but I'll make my mind up later. OK?"
Anne - "Alliances must be formed early. Otherwise, you'll miss out. Tony also does not have what it takes to survive here either."

What Anne had missed out from her plotting was that Sim Brother sees everything. Although she was not rigging votes, she was getting close to the line between gossip and conspiring.

Goodnight Hug

Tony was not used to being unpopular. He found it hard to concentrate when he was working on his recipes and appeared to be rather depressed for the whole of the day. However, his day did end on a happier note when Davina came up to him and gave him a "goodnight" hug as she thought he deserved some fuss.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship, a ploy to make allies or something underhand?

Tune in tomorrow to find out what happens next to our housemates and to see if Anne might get out of bed on the right side for once.


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