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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 49 (Thursday 7 March 2002)
The Day After The Night Before
First Ones Up
It is 11am on the morning after Tom became the third eviction from the Sim Brother house and Tony is the first one up - "Whatever was in that punch last night was lethal" he muttered to himself. He set about preparing a late lunch. Half an hour later, Anna was up. She had survived three nominations and seemed to be quite surprised about the whole thing.

Under Pressure
Will is the newest member of the house and when he tried to tell Davina he knew what she was going through, he got pushed back - "You just haven't got a clue, Will. It's hell in here on Eviction Night. Alright, it was my first time up but I could have been out of that door."
Tony prepared dinner and over the dinner table, he told Will about his views on the pressure of nomination - "Although it was my first time to be nominated, I had a week to live with that, not knowing how the public were voting or how they would vote. All of us at this table went through it. It was an unsettling experience for us all. Anne has been in this situation twice and Anna, poor girl, has been up for the public vote every time. When next Wednesday comes, you might know what it feels like."
Will - "Whoa, 'T'! I just asked if you guys were okay."

Anne "goes native" when Will goes to bed
Will had decided to go back to bed. Perhaps he was tired or perhaps he was feeling left out of it being the new guy in the house.
At around the same time, Anne had "gone native" and was having a meal on the patio. Perhaps she did this to get a tan or to influence her ratings. Fortunately for the viewers, SB Studios were able to censor this picture before it was released to the public. (SB - Thanks are due to Duddly for his Red Dressing Table to make this possible).

The Toga Burger Party
After her spell of "going native", Anne put on a toga from the Costume Trunk. Several of the other housemates followed. Davina told Anne that they should have had a party to help relax them from the pressures of the eviction of the previous night. Tony decides to do a barbecue and they have a couple of rounds of burgers.
Tony & Davina were pleased because they had escaped eviction and were both still in the house for at least another two weeks ... but Davina was not in the mood for Tony's amorous advances. "Tony, I'm knackered. Maybes tomorrow."

Three Lives Lost
Anna had a soak in the hot tub. She had noticed that Will had not really spoken to her today and this bothered her. She also wondered if she had as many lives as a cat as she had survived three eviction nights. Could she survive any more?


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