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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 50 (Friday 8 March 2002)
A New Task & A Tough Decision
Will Is Worried
Most of the housemates have just started their 8th Week in the Sim Brother House. The newest arrival was up first at 7:35am and was making breakfast. He was only into his 2nd week. The rest of the housemates had been up late and he did not know how many would be up in time to appreciate it. The comments he got yesterday from the other housemates were on his mind and he decided to come to the Diary Room to talk it through.
SB - "Hello, Will, and how are you today? "
WS - "Hi, SimBro. I'm a bit fed up. The novelty of being here seems to have worn off. Last week was a bit of fun and I don't know what serious stuff I will have to get involved with. I also don't know how people think of me. "
SB - "Is there anything else on your mind, Will? "
WS - "I don't know what the other guys think of me. They might nominate me out of here and I don't want to be booted out of here at the first chance"
SB - "Sim Brother cannot advise you on this. It is up to you to work out how to do that yourself. "
WS - "Wow. You're a great help :("

The Next Task
Will's worries about the breakfast being ruined before the others got up were unfounded. Tony was the next one up at 9:30am and the others followed shortly and all enjoyed their breakfast.

At 12:30pm, Sim Brother informed them what their task for the week was.

"This is Sim Brother. In the bookcases are carpentry books to help you learn the craft of woodworking. In the Gazebo is a Workbench. By Wednesday, each of you must make at least 10 gnomes for a total SCEGAS * value of §150 by 1pm on Wednesday.
"All of you must pass this task in order to succeed. You have until 1pm to inform Sim Brother of how much you wish to bet.
The housemates did not have to talk for long. They agreed on only 25% as none of them felt confident with this task. Anna was the first one to get to work. She wanted to get her part of the task out of the way. It took her a few hours until she had made her first one.

* SimCity Explosive Gnome Accreditation Standard

Busy Reading
As the bench was in use, most of the other housemates were busy reading up on the skills needed. Anne was busy reading, Tony had changed into his Simcastle Utd strip (an Aargo Creation, found at TSR) before he started reading. Later, when Tony was making dinner, Davina was reading. She had taken Anne's lead from the day before and "gone native" by not getting dressed after having a shower. SBTV were able to censor this before it was broadcast. Sorry, guys.

Trying To Let Her Go
Will did not appear to be taking an interest in the task. He had other things on his mind.
When Anna stopped her gnome making, Will asked her for a chat around the fire.
WS - "You're a great girl, Anna -"
AK - "Thankyou, Will, and you are a wonderful man. "
WS - "I hadn't finished. I think you are great and I want you as a friend. "
AK - "I don't understand. I thought you were in love with me? "
WS - "Just a crush. You are a good kisser, don't get me wrong, but I am in here to make friends, not just to get the ladies. "
AK - "If that's what you think I was just here for. "
WS - "Hey, where are you going? "
AK - "You have just used me, Will. You built up my hopes just to shatter them."
WS - "Whoa, doll! It's a bit of both here. "
AK - "I wish you'd never come into this house! I'm glad I did not do things with you I would later regret. "
WS - "I'm sure you would have enjoyed it. "

That night, Anna was back in her own bed.

Davina Cannot Sleep
By 01:39am, Davina had not gone to bed and was up playing on the pinball machine. She is missing Tom but can't really let on to Tony. She knows she had a time when she was playing Tom against Tony and does not know how the public viewed her for this. She does not know how many votes she got and it is worrying her.
She finally slipped into bed next to Tony at 3:30am


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