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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 51 (Saturday 9 March 2002)
Gnomes - Slackers - Outside News
Mr. Fix-It
At 6:50am, Will was up repairing the shower. He was not sure if he had done the right thing and felt he had hurt Anna's feelings. Being in the Sim Brother house was not as easy as he thought it would have been.

Anna's Day
Anna was up an hour later. She was upset but was not trying to let on and to try and forget what happened yesterday, she made breakfast for the housemates. After this, she got down to work on the bench and by 9am, she had carved the minimum five gnomes. Sim Brother informed her that the resale value was only §41 and more work was necessary. She continued carving for the next six hours and finally stopped at 3pm. She had carved 17 gnomes with a value of §171. Her part in the task was complete.

Tony Gets Started
At 5pm, Tony started his part of the task and was busy carving gnomes. He felt that his bookwork had paid off but by 8pm, he had carved only three gnomes to a value of §51.

A Disagreement
Tony had a game of pinball with Will but lost his temper when Will remarked - "Tasks are dullsville, 'T'. What's the point in doing them?"
Tony - "Carrying out tasks is vital! We must all pull our weight!"

Just Good Friends ?
Will's happy-go-lucky attitude had let him down again in the house. When on his way to the bedroom, he ran into Anna.
"Can I share your bed, Will?" "Fine by me, babe." They might not be in love any more, but they have no objection to sleeping in the same bed. Sim Brother reckons "Watch this space".

Outside The House
Jerry is back at work and working on a show for the next Jerry Springer series entitled "I love Reality TV Shows".
Since Tom's Wednesday Night interview with Will Wright, the SimCity-based Maxis Travel Company snapped him up to host their advertising series about their forthcoming trips to Vacation Island. When he was asked about his negative comments to Will about his experiences, he replied, "I was too hasty in my comments. I had a good time in the Sim Brother house, but I am having a better time over here on Vacation Island :D".
The Maxis Travel Company informs us that American tourists will be able to book their holidays at Vacation Island from the end of the month. Tourists from the rest of the world will be able to book holidays on the island from the middle of April.
Recent news that Jennifer was living in the Presidential Palace on the island of Tropico was unfounded. Confirmed information has reported that Jennifer is working as a showgirl at the island's Cabaret nightspot. How the mighty are fallen.


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