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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 52 (Sunday 10 March 2002)
Hard Work & Hot Tubs
Early Breakfast
Anne was late up and made an early breakfast at 2am. Davina was also up late reading "Basic Carpentry" and had an early breakfast with Anne.
Davina - "If I study enough, my gnomes are each going to be worth more than just learning as I go."
Anne - "I'd rather be up carving, knowing I am racking it up. Just make sure you carve your quota. I'm off to bed."

Anna's Morning
At 6:40am, Anna was at the dining table having her breakfast. Will was just getting up.
However, Anna's attentions were not directed at Will that morning. She was more interested in chatting to Tony before he started work.
Anna - "Tony, I find you to be a really nice person."
Tony - "That's very kind of you, Anna. You are very nice too. "
By 12:20pm, Tony had completed his mandatory five gnomes but Sim Brother had not informed him that he had passed. He knew he needed to carve another four or five before his part in the task was complete.
On the afternoon, Anna did get around to talking to Will and told her that she did not trust Anne.

Bookwork & Hot Tubs
It's 3pm in the house. Davina and Anna are in the lounge reading. Davina has now moved onto reading "Gnome Making For The Discriminating Sim" and Anna is reading the erotic novel "Simanuelle".
The other three housemates are in the hot tub taking about fashion.
Tony told Anne and Will - "Sunglasses don't suit politicians. It makes us look devious."
Anne - "(Aren't you anyway?)" she muttered to herself.

Will Gets Down To It
Perhaps thinking of the rebuke he got from Tony, at 4:15pm Will took advantage of an unused bench to start work. He did a bit of woodwork at high school and hoped he had not forgotten the basics. He worked for three hours before stopping for dinner.
Over dinner, he told the others that he was never going to collect sportscars. " If I want one, I'll borrow Eddie Murphy's."
While he was having his dinner, Anne took the opportunity to start work.

Goodnight, Housemates
By 9:10pm, Will was already in bed with Anna. Still good friends, her feelings for him are believed to be stronger than his for her. Ten minutes later, Davina was in bed.
At the same time, Tony was having a bath. Some unscrupulous cameramen for SBTV tried to get this picture for the "Sims Of The World" newspaper but in their haste, they set the reproduction rate too high. Therefore, the picture is shown to you as it would have appeared in that newspaper.
At 00:40hrs, Anne called it a night. She had made gnomes to a value of §124. She was very close to being completed. In order to try and get on with it first thing, she decided to sleep in the garden.


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