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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 54 (Tuesday 12 March 2002)
Results & Apprehension
The Tortoise gets there in the end
At 6:51am, Will was up and already at the bench. He was just over halfway to fulfilling his quota and needed to complete it by 2pm. Davina only had one gnome to carve. Will carved all morning and at 12:24pm, "This Sim Brother. Your fifteen gnomes have a resale value of §164. You have passed your part in this task, Will."

Will the Hare finish in time?
The last one who had still to finish was Davina. Although she had got off to a flying start like the hare, she had not made it to the bedrooms before falling asleep and had in fact fallen asleep outside on the lawn. When she came around, she was very irritable and in no mood to work. She was just pulling herself together when Sim Brother made an announcement.
2:00pm "This is Sim Brother. Anna has passed. Tony has passed. Anne has passed. Will has passed. Davina has failed.
"As you all had to pass this task in order to succeed, the group has failed this week's task. Next week, you will have a household budget of only §525."

Commiserations & Recriminations
When she heard this, Davina became very emotional - "(sob) I've let the house down. I thought I had done enough."
Tony consoled her "Don't worry, dear. I'm sure they won't put that against you. "
However, when he tried to commiserate her with a kiss, she pushed him back.
Davina - "I am not in the mood!"
Tony's thoughts were incorrect. Anne and Anna were chatting in the toilets about how they had failed.
AK - "Davina let us down. I don't think I'll forget this in a hurry."
AR - "Perhaps, but I don't know for certain if she is our weakest link."

The Team & Its Players
It was 7:54pm. Davina was already in bed. Anne, Tony and Will were taking a dip in the tub. Anne and Will were still annoyed because the group failed the task. Tony tried to explain it by way of a football analogy - "The team might lose a match but it is winning the season that is the most important. We are a winning team."
Will - "If I was a team manager, I'd drop the worst player from the line-up."

Pre-Nomination Worries?
At 10pm, Anna was the last one up and she had something on her mind. Tomorrow was Nomination Day ... and she was already expecting to be facing the public vote again. She had seen off MNM, Jennifer and Tom. Could she be 4th Time lucky?


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