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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 55 (Wednesday 13 March 2002)
Nominations & An Unexpected Twist
Up Early
It was 4am and Davina was up taking a bath. Lucky viewers on TSZ Livestream caught it, but due to the time delay, the later broadcast on SBTV were not so fortunate. After her bath, she made breakfast for the housemates, partly hoping that it would make up for letting them down yesterday.

Pre-Nomination Nerves
Davina was very concerned about the nominations and told her concerns to Tony - "I don't want to get the boot, Tony."
Tony - "I think that you will escape the cut this time as I believe you have been a very popular housemate and they should think about that before dismissing you for one failure. Even if it did go to the public vote, you are sure to be safe."
Anna was rather apprehensive about the coming nominations and Will's jokes as an attempt at cheering up Anna were rebuffed - "Humour helps in a lot of cases, Will, but not this one."

Anne had found the fish floating on top of their tank. Since Jerry went, the cleaning roster had been forgotten about. The housemates were all gathered around trying to sort out a new cleaning roster when Sim Brother makes the dreaded announcement.

"Could Anna please come to the Diary Room to make her nominations?"
"My first nomination is for DAVINA. She has become distant since she and Tony became an item. I think she should come down to earth.
"My second nomination is for WILL. Although he is very nice and I thought there was something special between us, he does not give me what I want."
TONY was the second one to make his nominations.
"My first nomination is for WILL. He has made a refreshing change to the house since he replaced Jerry, but I do not know him as well as I know the others.
"My second nomination is for ANNA. Although she works hard for the house and is a lovely girl, I do not relate to her as well as I do with Anne and Davina."
DAVINA was the third one to make her nominations.
"My first nomination is for ANNA. Nice girl but a bit behind the plot in here.
"My second nomination is for ANNE. She's a weak link in our gang. Time for her to leave. "

After three votes, both ANNA and WILL are tied on two votes. DAVINA and ANNE are both on one vote.

WILL was the next one to place his nominations.
"My first nomination is ANNE. She's a bit too uptight for me. I can't relax as much as I would like when she's about.
"The second nomination is DAVINA. Nice girl, but she let us down bad. I worked damn hard for the challenge but she slacked off and cost us."

ANNE's votes will be decisive.

"The weakest link in this house is WILL. He hasn't been on the team long enough. He hasn't yet proved himself to me. I don't think he should get another chance.
"The next weakest link is ANNA. I was going to vote for Davina, but in the long-term, she is a smarter team player. Anna has worked hard but it is time she leaves ... with nothing. Goodbye ;)"

"This is Sim Brother. You have all cast your votes. Here are the nominations that will face the public vote this week.
"They are, in alphabetical order ...

Anna & Will

Will - "Looks as though we're going to be split up, babe. "
AK - "Yes it does look that way, Will" Anna was not very comfortable as she had actually voted for Will and it was against the rules to tell him.
Davina came over and gave Will a consolatory hug. Will was nervous as he had nominated Davina and suspected that she had nominated him. Actually, she was the only housemate who did not nominate him. However, Tony saw it and he came over and slapped Will.
Tony - "I politely asked you to stay away from Davina, Will. KEEP OFF!"
Davina - "Tony, you are just too jealous. I was giving Will a hug to try and make him feel a bit better. That's all."
Tony - "It didn't look like that to me!"
Will was not the only one who got slapped. Shortly after, Anna came over and slapped Davina.
"You should have been facing the vote instead of me! I've always faced it! You failed the task for us and have hidden behind your boyfriend for support. I'm not having it and you will come to regret it!"

Diary Room Visits
To try and calm down the situation, Sim Brother called the two evictees to the diary room one at a time.
Will was called to the Diary Room.
SB - "How did your first nominations go, Will?"
Will - "I didn't really want to nominate anyone and then I was hurt to find that probably everyone has nominated me. Hey! I've just got here. I could be out of here next week. It's not right. I passed my part of the task I get nominated. Davina fails, she stays. There's no justice."
Shortly after, Anna was called to the Diary Room.
AK - "Four times in a row, Sim Brother. I have survived three times, I hope I can make it four times. I feel bad inside, though. Will is being so nice to me, feeling as though we are kindred spirits because we are both facing the public vote. I wish I hadn't nominated him now."
SB - "Sim Brother must remind you that you cannot change your vote."
AK - "I know. I think I've made a bad call and lost someone else's game."

Affection Rejection
As a show of what could have been inner remorse, Anna tried to kiss Will but he pushed her back. "I told you before, Anna. We're just good friends, for another week. Perhaps on the outside, baby."
AK - "If you are going to be like that, you'll get no more kisses from me!"

Will's rejection of Anna's affection was to cause a sudden and unexpected turn of events which was to take a dramatic redirection when Davina went to bed alone at 6:38pm, leaving the others in the hot tub.

Anna had been watching what was going on between Tony, Davina & Will during the day and thought she would take advantage of this time of confusion. If she were staying, it would secure her position for the next round of nominations. If she were leaving, to leave, she would at least have a week of fun.

She managed to catch Tony alone and gave him a "goodnight kiss" that turned into a romantic embrace and kiss. Tony was powerless to resist Anna's powerful kisses and was smitten by her charms.
Tony was now in an awkward position being torn between two women, one of whom he had nominated.

That night, Tony slept with Anna, and tonight Davina & Will slept in their beds alone.

Over To You
It is now up to you to decide which of these two will be the fourth eviction from the Sim Brother house.

The Poll will be open for one week and the results broadcast immediately after they are tallied up.


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