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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 56 (Thursday 14 March 2002)
Pleading & Partying
Countdown To The Final
In four weeks, it will all be over. The first series of Sim Brother will have come to an end and after voting out seven housemates, the viewers will have selected their winner.

Davina & Anna
Davina was up early feeding the fish. She was relieved that she was not up for the public vote but was concerned about whether her failing the task will affect the other housemates' opinions of her. Anna got up to go to the toilet and got chatting with Davina about favourite film stars. Although these two have not got on very well, Davina is trying to make some amends. It is doubtful she has realised what has happened between Anna and Tony, although Anna did let on that her relationship with Will was over.

People Congestion
At 8:42am, a morning problem of congestion showed itself clearly. All of the housemates were congregated around the toilets and the shower. It has been noticed that this causes some frustration among the housemates (SB: Note to Architects, build a bigger toilet area for Series 2)

Will's Reasons For Staying
Will comes to the Diary Room.
WS - "Yo, Simbro. This isn't as easy as it looks. I thought it would be a piece of cake. It certainly ain't that. When you are in such close proximity all of the time, it is hard work on relationships. These guys nominated me and I don't want to go. Is it unfair to ask if I could stay just a little while longer?"
SB - "Sim Brother cannot help you there. Only the voting viewers can."

A Party From Sim Brother
"This is Sim Brother. You can spend today doing whatever you wish. To help you relax, Sim Brother has provided you with a jukebox and party table. Eat and drink to your hearts content and at no cost. "

Hugging Anna
Anna gave Tony a romantic hug. He did not appear to object, but it is clear he is concerned about something. When Will tried to hug Anna, she pushed him back. "I told you yesterday, Will. You will never get another hug off me!"

Taking It Easy
Will, Tony and Davina gathered around the punchbowl for a chat and followed this up by a long soak in the hot tub. Anna had gone back to bed and Anne was having a bath. After Davina went to bed, Will confessed to Tony "I'm not a political kinda guy."

Anna The Owl
At 9:15pm, Will went to bed. He found Anna in there and did not mind. However, shortly after Will was asleep, she was getting up.

All of the other housemates were going to bed as Anna got up. She had a bath and then came to the Diary Room as she had something to say.
At 11:45pm, Anna comes to the Diary Room. SB - "How are you, Anna?"
AK - "Playing the game as it is. A game. "
SB - "How do you mean, Anna? "
AK - "Some of the other housemates view me as young and naive. I have survived three nominations. I want to prove them all wrong. I may be young, but I am not stupid. If some people in here do not like me, I cannot help that. I want to entertain the spectators in the way I play this game. I want to win. "


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