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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 57 (Friday 15 March 2002)
Creative Challenges
Exercises & Insults
Anna took advantage of the peace and quiet by exercising in the lounge, giving some Cheapfrills to those viewers who like to watch her touch her toes.
The rest of the house got up at about 7am. Davina grilled burgers for breakfast, which went down well. Anne, however, was feeling quite acidic for a Friday Morning and had some sharp remarks for Tony. Anne is feeling her usual acidic self today.
Anne - "Tony, what is your profession? "
Tony - "I'm a world statesman, Anne. You should know that. "
Anne - "Really? I got the impression you were only a Classroom President by the way you've tried to deal with things in here."
Her behaviour with Anna is friendlier as she happily chatted about river cruises in Norfolk.

The Two-Pronged Task
"This is Sim Brother. As you were made aware, Sim Brother can change the rules as and when he chooses. You might have been expecting an Individual Challenge this week. Instead, the surviving four will be getting that next week. This week, you have two challenges. Today and tomorrow, you will learn to paint. At 6pm tomorrow, you will display these pictures on the walls in the lounge for the other housemates to evaluate. Each of you will be informed tomorrow of your subject and your artist.
"With your creative side stimulated, you must then learn musical instruments and write a 'Song for Sim Brother' to be performed on Tuesday night in the lounge. Choose your singer from among yourselves. "
"If you are successful in both of these challenges, you will all be rewarded. If you fail, you will be penalised. "
"Artist's easels and painting materials have been made available for you in the garden. Make the most of the time that you have. "

Artistic Tony
All of the housemates got off to a good start. The most diligent, however, was Tony and at 5:30pm when the others had stopped for their dinner, he was continuing to paint and work out his method.

Comfortable Bedmates?
At 10:09, Tony got into bed with Davina. Two hours later, Anna gets into bed with Will. The incident of two nights ago has not yet been mentioned and no fists have flown yet, but will it stay that way?


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